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Matt Forte's Contract Extention is Long Overdue.

It seems that every Chicago Bears fan is talking about Matt Forte and how he isn't getting the contract that he well deserves from Bears management. This really doesn't surprise me, because the Bears have had a history of being tight-gripped with their money. But in this case, Ted Phillips and Jerry Angelo just needs to stop being cheap, and realize what they have here in this running back.

Forte is having the best season in his young career, and is on pace to set some major franchise and league records. The fourth-year veteran is the first player in the league to gain at least 1,000 yards from scrimmage in the first seven games of the season since 2004, and could possibly amass more yards from scrimmage in a single season than anyone in NFL history. In addition, Forte just might be only the third player in NFL history to have 1,000 yards rushing and 1,000 yards recieving in the same season, joining Roger Craig and Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk.

I can understand if Forte was only putting up numbers that would barely get him in the Pro Bowl, but this is much bigger than that. What Forte can do is not only go to the Pro Bowl, but become an all-pro, and NFL MVP. Now if I'm not mistaken, the last Chicago Bears player to be MVP was Walter Payton. That is some great company to be in.

The big rumor is that Angelo will let Forte play out his rookie contract, then hit him with the franchise tag for the 2012 season. Grant it, Forte will make a pretty penny, a little over 7 million for that season, but the fact that Bears management is prolonging this contract extention will only hurt their reputation with current Bears players, and other players around the league. No one will be willing to come to the Bears and give their all, only to be short-changed, and more than likely, no one will want to stay with the Bears.

And let's just say that Forte is given the franchise tag and he plays at a high level again. Angelo might come to his senses and finally give Forte the long-term contract, but given the fact that it took so long, Forte just might decide to go to a team that will show their appreciation from the start, rather than waiting for a couple of years.

If this type of business management continues to go on in the Bears' front office, Chicago will never be able to attract big-time free agents to fill curent voids such as the number one receiver position, or safety and the offensive line. Even looking into the near future finding replacements for the aging linebacking corps may be more difficult.

Forte is putting up record-setting numbers and isn't getting compensated for what he has produced. Now I will say that I truely believe that Forte will get the contract that he well deserves. The question is will he get the contract from the Bears or another team.

Clyde A. Speller


  1. You hate to give money to running backs because they can break down at any time, but I agree we need to pony up and give Forte what he deserves.

  2. I am constantly frustrated with our front office. Look at the Packers and how they extend people while they are young. They never have to overpay anyone and keep the same players in their uniform. Forte would have been much cheaper to resign at the beginning of the year,and it was a no-brainer then.

  3. Just pay him and move on have a clause in it that states if you don't get 1000 rushing then no bonus money or something like that