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Bears Part with Kreutz.

I can't believe that the Chicago Bears let Olin Kreutz get away. The heart and soul of the entire team is now no longer in a Bears uniform. Reportedly, the 13-year veteran wanted a one-year deal for $4.5 million, and Bears management wanted to give him $4 million. Chicago will miss out on one of the best centers that the franchise has ever had over $500,000. I think this is ridiculous!

The six-time Pro Bowler gave his blood and sweat for the Bears, and he couldn't get an extra $500,000? The Bears are acting as if they had the entire off-season to get a new center acclimated to their offensive scheme. Bringing in a new center in such a short period of time under these circumstances will more than likely make the o-line regress from where they ended last season. I hope that Chris Spencer, the newly acquired center from the Seattle Seahawks, proves me wrong, but I have a hunch that Chicago's o-line will struggle once again this season in pass protection, and opening holes in the running game.

To me, it just doesn't look good for the Bears' offensive front to be going up against division foes in Minnesota with Jared Allen and company, Detroit with an even more talented d-line with Kyle Vanden Bosch, Ndamukong Suh, and first-round draft pick Nick Fairley, and Green Bay with their 3-4 defense led by Clay Matthews and B.J. Raji.

There are just some instances where you have to bite the bullet and just go all out for what's best. The Chicago Bears didn't seem to do that regarding the thing that they needed most, which was help on the o-line. Once again, I hope that I'm proven wrong, but the Bears could have been in a much better predicament if they just had spent and extra $500,000.

Clyde A. Speller


  1. Man you really hammered home the point by going through the defensive lines in the league. We go all in a few years ago and get Cutler and now we are saying in my mind oh well are investment is going to look like a beat up 16 years old car by week 10.

  2. It's a business, guys. I've been a Bears' fan for over forty years and liked Olin's nasty demeanor but he can no longer produce adequately. Olin is not even on the radar when it comes to the better centers. Thirty other teams displayed no significant interest, even at 2 million. Try something different.

  3. This is not what we needed on a team with a bad Offensive line... Couple that with Greg Olsen leaving, and I think we may be much worse offensively than last year.