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Winning Matters Most, Not Who You Beat

Four days ago, the Bears opened their postseason run against the only team ever to reach the playoffs with a losing record. The argument could very easily be made that the Bears faced the worst team in postseason history. This weekend, they will be facing a six seed at home. If they win, they could end up playing another six seed (the Jets) in the Super Bowl. By seeding, this would probably be the easiest road to a title in league history.

I have only one reply to anyone who uses that as a negative critique. So what! As a Bears’ fan, I don’t care that they have an “easy” route to the Super Bowl. I wish they had to play Cleveland, Carolina, and Buffalo to win the Lombardi Trophy. The only goal in the NFL is to win the Super Bowl. That’s it. You don’t get extra points for beating the best teams in the league. There is no asterisk by your name for because you beat a bad Seahawks team.

A year ago, the Pittsburgh Penguins were eliminated from the NHL playoffs. I was thrilled because I knew the Blackhawks were good enough to win the Cup. To be able to avoid Sidney Crosby and the Pens was a blessing. Having to beat a Flyers team that just got into the playoffs on the last day of the season did not make the Stanley Cup victory any less memorable or enjoyable. It was special. The last time the Hawks were champions was 21 years before I was born.

Now, 25 years removed from the ’85 Bears winning the Super Bowl (against the Patriots and not the Dolplhins who were a better team), I want another title. I don’t care how it gets done. I want them to be credited with being the best team in the world.

Nobody ever cares who a team had to beat to be the best. Nobody cares that Elway beat Jamal Anderson’s Falcons instead of a 15-1 Vikings team to win his second title. Nobody cares the Ravens won their Super Bowl against a very average Giants team. It just doesn’t matter. If the Bears needed to defeat the Eagles, Falcons, and Patriots to win the Super Bowl, it wouldn’t mean anything more. In summation, if there is anything I can implore you the reader to do, it is to enjoy this. The Bears and Packers haven’t played a playoff game in sixty years. This is a great time in Chicago. If the Bears somehow raise the Lombardi Trophy three weeks from now, it simply will not matter how they got there. It will just matter that they did.


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