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We Need to be Smarter Fans

Jay Cutler is getting killed in this city today. Just one day after he led a very average Bears team to the NFC Championship game. He is getting pounded for sitting out when he is really hurt. I understand the meathead frustration because people wanted him to play through it. I understand being angry because the Bears lost to the hated Packers. I was angry yesterday. Then I had a chance to think about it like a rational person, and I realized that Cutler was too hurt to play. Had the Bears won, he would likely have been inactive for Super Bowl. His injury has a three to four week minimum recovery period.

To question Cutler’s toughness is just dumb. This is a guy who gets his ass kicked week in and week out. Cutler was far and away the most sacked QB in the NFl, and in only fifteen games. He never complains that his offensive line couldn’t block a high school team. He never complains that he has to hold on to the ball because his receiving core that is full of number 3’s is never open. He takes his beatings, and he gets up and calls the next play. He never throws his teammates under the bus. He is a man’s man. People burning their Cutler jerseys because he got injured are imbeciles. What happens if he comes back in and tears his knee apart? Then we are again without a quarterback.

We should be embracing this guy, not trying to alienate him. I know no one in this city has ever seen a real quarterback in a Bears uniform. Don’t tell me you saw Sid Luckman. Today’s game is completely different. And certainly don’t give me Jim McMahon. Jimmy Mac was a warrior and he was tough, right? I love him too, but think back to all the time he spent injured. And he was nowhere near as good as Cutler. Embrace this. We have a real quarterback. He isn’t a superstar yet, but he is really good. He was worth what was traded for him and more.

If you’re mad about the Bears losing to the Packers, I get it. So am I. The better team won. I don’t care if they were at Soldier Field. Don’t displace your anger as though you never matured passed the age of five. Think about it. Blame Lovie Smith for differing to start the game instead of letting the best kick returner of all time do his thing. Blame the defense for allowing the Bears to get into a fourteen point hole. Blame Cutler for having a bad first half. Blame a silly end-around play to Earl Bennett. Blame all these things and many more. Do NOT blame Jay Cutler sitting down after the coaches and trainers told him to. That’s dumb. Be a better and smarter fan than that. This isn’t Jacksonville or some other small market nothing. This is Chicago. It’s time we watch sports like we have brains.


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