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Cutler Gets A Bad Wrap

There has been a lot of talk the last couple weeks about Jay Cutler. The national writers, having almost no feel for anything that goes on away from the east coast, think Jay Cutler is a jerk. He does not use the media to his advantage, or at all. They think he throws the ball all over the field with no rhyme or reason. He is always just an interception waiting to happen. According to national “experts,” Jay has done nothing right. They seem to think he is a bad guy and a bad quarterback.

I think they are wrong. Jay Cutler is not always friendly with the media. He seems to think that every Wednesday is a pain when he has to approach the podium. He does not go out and broadcast every decent thing that he does like Bono. And he isn’t Bono. Jay gives a great deal of time and money to charities, especially those involving diabetes. In fact, I just bought ten raffle tickets from Cutler’s website to win tickets to the NFC Championship game against the Packers. All of the proceeds for the raffle go to finding a cure for diabetes, which is an affliction Cutler himself suffers from.

As far as his play, I think Jay Cutler is pretty damn good. In two seasons for the Bears, Jay cutler has thrown for nearly 7,000 yards and fifty touchdowns. The interception number was too high last season, but he had the weight of an entire city that had never seen a real quarterback before on his shoulders. The fact of the matter is that Jay Cutler became the best and most talented quarterback the Bears ever had the day they traded for him. He has a canon for an arm. He is sneaky fast at times. He is fearless to a fault sometimes. He is tough as nails. He gets hit more than any quarterback in football, and he keeps getting up.

Jay Cutler is not Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. He’s not even Aaron Rodgers or Philip Rivers. But he is a hell of a quarterback, and he has the talent to become one of the best in the league. His decision making has improved in an extremely difficult to understand Mike Martz offense. There is no reason to believe he will not continue to improve. Most important of all, Cutler will be here for a long time, and I am thrilled. I can’t wait to see how good he can become. Jay Cutler is finally a release from the three yards and a cloud of dust football silliness that has been outdated for years. The NFL makes rules to benefit passing. The league wants teams to pass, and now the Bears finally have someone who can do that.


  1. You know Jay isn't the best QB in the division and that is to bad he will probably be number 2 for a long time, we can also likely stop the revolving door at QB allowing us to focus on other positions. All in all I would say having Jay is great for the Bears and if he takes us to the Super Bowl he will become legend.

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