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Stick With The Facts Mamn, Just The Facts.

By: Greil Kupicky

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. ~John Adams~

Fact-This team has no offensive line. Evidence-Cutler has been sacked 15 times in two starts. Plus, hit countless times.

Fact-When you get hit 15 times in two games, you will get injured. Evidence-Cutler missed last game with a concussion.

Fact-When an offensive line can't pass block and when you can't run either, you loose the game. Evidence-The Giants and Seahawks games.

Fact-If you have no offense to speak of and don't win games, you won't make it to the playoffs. Evidence-remains to be seen.

John Adams knew it. I know it. Even my neighbor's peewee playing son Jimmy, who watched the game with me on Sunday, knows it. "Mr. Kupicky?" he asked, "Why do they keep dropping back to pass if they know they're going to keep getting sacked?"

"That's a great question Jimmy," I replied. And guess what, I can't for the life of me figure out the answer. I'm not an offensive genius like Mike Martz, but I do know that the definition of insanity is when you try over and over again to achieve something and get the same results, yet you continue to try expecting different results.

Not all of our woes are a result of Mike Martz's stubborn affection to seven step drops. This all goes back to Angelo and his stubborness. Why oh why did we not go after offensive linemen this last off-season when we clearly needed them? Were the holes not apparent? They were to me, to all of Chicao Bear's fandom, NFL experts and peewee leaguers. It was obvious to everyone but Jerry Angelo apparently. But what's done is done. So what now? We have more than half a season to go. Do we sit back and continue our stubborn ways of passing the ball in seven step drops come Hell or high water? Well, I have some ideas.

Idea number one, do whatever it takes to get an offensive tackle on this team right now. Logan Mankins, a Pro-bowler tackle from the Patriots is unhappy. He'll be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season and will likely go to another team. Why not make an offer to the Pats, a draft pick might entice them to let him go now. It's a win for everyone. The Bears get a new Tackle that's good, The Pats get a draft pick for someone they'll probabally loose anyway, and Mankins gets the money he wants. But, what do I know. I'm no expert.

Idea two (Past)...Why the heck didn't we go for a legit wide receiver? A third round pick would have gotten either Randy Moss or Brandon Marshall. Did you hear that? A third round pick! Terrell Owens was also available. Look, I understand Terrell is a cancer in the locker room, so I get that one, but I would have jumped on the other two in a heartbeat. Why not? For a third round pick? That's because Angelo clearly thought that the wide outs on this team were good enough. I'm not saying that they aren't good at all, I actually really like Hester and Knox, and I think Aromashado and Olsen are good, too. But they make a lot of mistakes, and the mistakes they make cost us games. Mainly, they run wrong routes, which was evident about a dozen or so times this season already when Knox or Hester were on the other side of the field when Cutler was throwing to them, but they often line up on the wrong side of the damn field, as was evident yesterday when two of our three second half time outs were called as a result. Again, I'm no expert. Maybe someday I can become a genius like these guys and run a carwash.

Idea three, quit throwing the ball every single play. Football is a game of strategy, so to beat another team's defense, you have to fool them. To fool them, you have to mix it up a bit. Play actions work nicely if they actually think you might ever actually run the football. Honestly, with the horendous offensive line play I've witnessed this year, and this is the worst offensive line I have ever seen on any team, why not make some adjustments. In Martz's defense, they run for about 2.2 yards per carry currently, except against Carolina. So, here's what I'd do. Stack the line with Omayay and Williams, Web and Williams, Krutz, and how about trying Shaffer as a tight end...just to fricken block so you can run. Why not? That would give you two tackles on the tight end side. Maybe we could run and protect Cutler that way. OR, if you want the status quo, fine. Then line up in the shotgun formation every play, because you're not fooling anyone with a seven step drop anyway, and Cutler is blind to the Safety and CB blitzes that are coming all the time now. Give him a chance in a shotgun so he can see it coming and get rid of the ball. Oh yeah, Cutler, get rid of the damn ball sometimes. Oh yeah, Martz, how about quick passes from a three step drop sometimes? How about some shorter passes once ina while? I'm all for your score a touchdown philosophy, but sometimes, you just need to get a first down. Those crossing routes worked both times you threw them, and Olsen had zero catches yesterday. Again, I'm not an offensive genius, but I would be willing to try anything other than what I saw yesterday. Be inventive. Think outside the box. Work with what you got and cater to their streangths, don't try to fit players into a system that they aren't meant to fit into.

Idea four, Chester Taylor. Why did we get this guy? I think Forte is awesome and I love him, but he really has trouble hitting holes on running plays, ie 2.2 yards per carry. I say switch Forte and Taylor's roles and have Chester the 1st down back, him and Forte switch 2nd downs every series or so, and Forte is the third down back. Taylor should definately be in on short yardage plays and on red zone plays. G-E-N-I-U-S!

There, I just gave four ideas in about 10 minutes. Am I a genius? No. Do I know football. I think so, enough to state the obvious anyway. So what's it going to be Bears management? Status quo, because your 4 and 2 right now doing what you do? OR, reality, sanity, not vanity. Because anyone who doesn't agree that this is the worst 4 and 2 football team that they've ever seen is a dreamer. There's things you can it!


  1. I like your ideas for the running back rotation. We need to piece this together because the NFC North is still looking pretty easy with the Packers problems and the Lions being the Lions.

  2. That Bears defense makes up for the many lacking qualities on the offensive side of the ball. We do know the Lions beat the Bears in week one, right?
    Don't worry, the Bears will get another cahnce on December the 5th, at Ford Field.