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Same Old Sorry Ass Bears

Same Old Sorry Ass Bears

Jerry Angelo should smile. Unless the Bears go 4-12, he's likely to return as GM. Only the Bears.

When I wrote before training camp started, that I want the Bears to shit the bed this season, it was for one reason. I don’t want the Bears to be bad and make me suffer through another 16 game disaster like ‘09. The thinking was, having this team bumble their way to a 6-10 season would guarantee the departures of team President Ted Phillips, general manager Jerry Angelo, and the coach, without a pulse, Lovie Smith. Much to my chagrin, apparently a playoff -less campaign still might not get rid of the Bears hierarchy. I swear these 3 are like a bad STD, or an annoying stage 5 clinger….they just won’t go away. With a possible lockout looming over the NFL in 2011, the Bears don’t want to have to pay off the 3 no- minds, and pay for their replacements. They want no part of paying for two GM’s and two coaches without 60,000 meatballs packing Soldier at least 8 times next fall. To an extent I get their point, but then I realized this is the Bears. Countless other teams will be firing coaches come January, and I’m pretty confident they know about the lockout too. I mean why wouldn’t a regime who has overseen three straight non playoff seasons be in jeopardy of losing their jobs? Mediocrity reigns at Halas Hall, and Bears fans are simply along for the ride.

The Bears should already have their replacements in mind. You know they had to compile a list before that charade of a press conference after last season. You remember the one. It’s when they started out saying there need to be changes– but quickly turned into the ”we believe in continuity” nonsense. That press conference stands alone as the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever seen the Bears put on. Yes, it tops the time they botched the Dave McGinnis hire. Name me another franchise in the NFL that would bring back a coach and GM after three straight non playoff seasons? Take your time and think about it…… Now comes word that it isn’t playoffs or bust for the retard regime. There’s one reason this garbage continues to happen, the McCaskey family.

Can someone wake Virginia up and tell her the most die hard fans in the NFL deserve better than those fools she has running her team? Signed, every breathing Bears fan.

Yes, that old bag of bones Virginia is still the main voice in Lake Forest. That’s pretty amazing when you consider she hasn’t shown much of a pulse since the NFC Championship game after the ‘06 season. When you look at the bad teams in the NFL over the past decade(Lions, Raiders, Rams, Bengals Cardinals and Browns to name a few) they all have one thing in common, bad ownership. Yes, the Bears had the nice two year spurt in ‘05 & ‘06, but I’d rank the Bears ownership in the bottom third of the league, slightly ahead of the teams listed above. That’s pathetic when you realize the Bears are the NFL’s charter franchise. George Halas is rolling over in his grave right now. I’ve told my buddy Andy(a die hard Raiders fan) that until Al Davis, aka Tales From The Crypt, passes on, the Raiders will continue to be a running joke. Now, if you’ve seen Al Davis in the past 3-4 years you’d say he’s been dead. That’s just a rumor. He is still breathing…..I think. This is unfortunately where the Bears are. Someone needs to poison her oatmeal. It’s as if the entire organization died in 1987, and we’ve been stuck with this misery ever since.

Important Bears Fact: I said died in 1987 because that’s when the Bears, should have been dynasty, fell apart. George Halas hired Mike Ditka and Jerry Vanisi to lead his team into the future. Check out the Bears ‘82, ‘83, and ‘84 drafts sometime. All of that work went up in flames when Michael McCaskey(we’ll get to him in a second) fired Vanisi in January of ‘87 and later Ditka after the ‘92 season.

Michael McCaskey ran the team into the ground(see the aforementioned Dave McGinnis botched hiring), and Ted Phillips has maintained his position even though he was hired only to get the new stadium deal done. The spaceship was completed in 2003– someone tell Virginia that please?! I don’t know which McCaskey clone is next in line, but this crap needs to change. Whether it’s Brian McCaskey or Brian Bozworth, mediocrity will continue to be as big a part of the Bears culture as the orange and blue team colors.

Side Note: While shelling out the big free agent dollars to Julius Peppers and Chester Taylor was nice, they didn’t want to give backup quarterback Todd Collins a $150,000 bonus earlier this week. (Why would they want to bring in a veteran backup when they possess one of the worst offensive lines in the league?) The McCaskey’s fretting over $150,000 is like a group of guys bitching about a $150 bar bill. Stupid? Yes. Unexpected? Hell no. By the way, this coming from a franchise worth close to 1.1 billion dollars.

I’ll stand by what I said and hope the Bears have a miserable 2010 season. Lockout or not, things cannot stay status quo. It was bad enough that they brought this trio of football stupidity back this season, but to do it again? Part of me would love to see how that would go over with the locals after a 6-10 train wreck. The Bears reside in the NFL’s 2nd largest market, yet we have to hear about not wanting to eat money on a coach who doesn’t have his team practice tackling and a GM who doesn’t like 1st & 2nd round picks? Can you see Jerry Jones keeping any coach after 3 non playoff seasons? Coaches get fired after specific playoff losses, yet we are subjected to “continuity.” Continuity is great if you are the Steelers. So, while you’re busy rooting your ass off & living and dying with this team this fall, just know the McCaskey’s will be counting your PSL money and not giving a rat’s ass whether or not their team makes the playoffs. This is why Bears fans shouldn’t be disappointed if the team sucks this year. It will put pressure on those money collectors in Lake Forest to show they actually care about hoisting a Lombardi trophy again. Until then, it’s more of the same from the sorry ass Bears. Who needs SuperBowls when the Bears have their fans right where they want them, and they know it.

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  1. Get ready for a loss to the Lions to get your year going!!!