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Is Anybody Out There?

By: Greil Kupicky

In the movie Pink Floyd The Wall, there is a scene where Pink is in a drug induced stupor and screams, "Is there anybody out there?"

Well, is there? Just nod if you can hear me, Lovie! You too, Angelo! What drugs put you in your stupor? OR, are you just stupid?

Here's the thing. I keep seeing articles and hearing interviews on how good Lovie and Angelo say the offensive line did on Saturday. Hmmm, really? So I guess 2.8 yards per carry has become a new benchmark of what's good and what's not in the run game. I guess 2.8 yards per carry is satisfactory to Lovie because he thinks we don't need to run because Cutler will throw for 5,000 yards and have 30 throwing TD's (I agree with that one by the way). I guess 2.8 yards per carry is an improvement from what Turner brought to the table. I guess 2.8 yards per carry is okay with Lovie because he thinks the Cover Who defense will shut out every team we play (I hate this defensive scheme as much as I hate the Wide Receiver Screen). I guess 2.8 yards per carry would be acceptable if our starting Running Back was averaging six yards a carry and the back up running back brought the average down to 2.8 yards a carry. Wake up! Or at least quit giving us fans the PR spin where, "Every thing's gonna be alright, gang." Cuz it's not, and here's why.

To begin, Forte ran like a truck into the offensive line's blocks his rookie year, and as a result, he broke rushing records and had a great year. Last year, he stunk on ice. I know it's the first game, but he looks like he did last year. The question should be why? My best guess is that he's a smart guy and sees that the offensive line stinks and he is running scared, or a better word would be timid, because he is afraid that if he hits the hole hard, he'll get crushed and get injured. He might. Chester Taylor was hitting the holes hard, like he always does, on Saturday and did well (I thought). But Chester Taylor doesn't have Forte's experience with the Bears and this O-Line. Quit dancing Forte, and hit the holes hard and fast like an explosion, and guess what? You'll excel again. But, like I said, he's timid right now. Hopefully, he'll get over it and go back to being a great running back. HE also had problems pass blocking, and in this scheme, that ain't gonna fly.

Another problem is the offensive line itself. Get some pride boys! 2.8 yards per carry? Really? That's acceptable to you? Only Mike Tice has been heard to say that this was unacceptable and not good enough, and I'm sure Lovie and Angelo will have a talk with him soon enough to tell him not to be negative and only say positive things to WSCR radio interviewers. Lovie, Angelo and Big Frank (Who sucks) all think they did well apparently. I love the fact that Tice wasn't satisfied and wasn't hiding it because they weren't good enough! Honestly, Krutz has really let me down in the last two years. Is he injured or what? If he is, have a seat, bro. If not, get off your *$# and block someone! Big Frank? You suck! Last year, at the end of the year after we were completely out of contention for the playoffs, the coaches finally sat Orlando Pace who totally stunk up the joint. Once Shaffer and the other guys who were playing were out there, I saw improvement. I'm not saying these guys are long term solutions, but they are an improvement over what we have right now. Why didn't Angelo address the offensive line in the off-season? What I saw Saturday was a swinging gate of an offensive line. That's why Hanie got hurt. Thank God Lovie had the foresight to see that nobody was blocking again and took Cutler out after getting crushed only 4 times in what? Nine plays? Protect him you sloths! And Lovie, play your best players. I'm sick of guys earning a starting position because they are paid more than a Shaffer guy. Penny wise buddy. If Cutler gets hurt, how much will that cost? Well, your job maybe...hopefully.

I love Martz. Two pass plays from the starting offense was all I needed to see in order to come to my conclusion that offense will not be our problem this year. As long as the offensive line can give a D+ or better performance, the Bears are going to score some points, and do it with relative ease. Even at 2.8 yards per carry, Martz will find a way to score, it's just what he does. Don't be shocked to see Chester Taylor more than Forte in this offense. Hopefully, what will happen is that the Bears will score a bunch of points through the air and then Forte gets mop-up duty. These mop-up yards should give Forte some confidence and hopefully, he'll come around and be a great back again. The wide receivers are fast, fast, fast. Jimmy Johnson always said, "Speed kills." Guess what? Our wide receivers are the least of our problems this coming year.

That brings me to the most important part of any winning's defense, and ours stinks. Not the players, the scheme. I hate the Cover Two so bad I can't stand it. It exposes our safeties and gets them injured frequently. Look at Mike Brown. Look at Saturday! Stiltz and Wright are both injured. AND, what is this nonsense where Urlacher and Briggs line up over the Center? I don't get it, it's stupid! Now, you make them have to back pedal every play? Dumb! Line them up so they can read the play and react quickly. Does anyone run faster backwards than forwards? Give them the ability to gain momentum on a blitz for crap sake. Genius Lovie, pure genius.

As you can tell, I'm not a fan of Lovie Smith or the Cover Boo defense. Mainly, Lovie wouldn't bother me accept that he is married to the Cover Two and I hate it. Bears management, for the love of God, please, no matter what the outcome is this year...dump him.


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