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Too Much Negativity Lately

Low expectations. Really, that’s all Chicago Bears fans should have at this point. And with recent media comments and articles, it’s just adding fuel to the fire.

My nephew asked me yesterday what my expectations are for the Bears this upcoming season. I said, “Well, I’d like to see a season better than 7-9 and yes, I’d like to go to the playoffs.” I think that’s reasonable but I can’t help but have a few areas of concern at this point in time.

Wide receivers

I’m glad to read Devin Hester is happy about his fellow wide receiver corp. and Martz. This morning I tried to do a down and dirty comparison of the Bears wide receivers against the Green Bay Packers'.

That exercise didn’t last long.

With Jennings and Driver at the helm of the Packers’ receivers, the numbers went in their favor. I don't feel the need to include the numbers but I will say, I do have high hopes for Knox and Aromashodu.

I think both have good chemistry with Cutler and that’s a plus.

Backup quarterback
While I think Cutler is a workhorse and he really hasn’t been injured, every team needs a backup quarterback, just like every traveler needs a backup plan when the volcanic ash hits in northern Europe and you're stranded.

I’m a Hanie fan and I liked his recent enthusiasm for the Martz playbook and potential for opportunity but if Cutler went down for an extended period of time, could he step up? I’m not unconvinced the Bears will pickup a veteran for the backup position but it’s been quiet for a few weeks.

I’m surprised I haven’t heard JaMarcus Russell in the mix!


I’m sure all Bears fans are psyched to see the return of Brian Urlacher. He’ll definitely make a much-needed difference this season but I think all Bears fans are still reeling from SI Peter King’s less than positive placement of the Bears as the 25th team this year.

This is especially painful seeing the Detroit Lions one head of the Bears and Kansas City following.

In King’s blurb about the Bears, he did note the unpleasant statistic of 375 points allowed by the Bears’ defense. He asked whether Julius Peppers will show up and help this defense. I'll ask, what has changed in 2010 besides personnel?

As my nephew said, this Peter King guys sounds like a ‘tard.

I won't even address the Corey Wooten injury concerns today.

I am hoping to wake up one of these mornings, check my Twitter account and see a nice Tweet or a link to a positive article about the Bears. I know that day will come.

Hopefully it will be sooner than later.

1 comment:

  1. I am sort of glad you didn't give the statistical analysis between the Packers wideouts and the Bears. I think that would have been pretty depressing. I can't believe the Packers luck having Rodgers to follow Favre either, we are cursed at the QB position. One day we better have the second coming of Peyton Manning to make up for all the sorry QB's we have endured.