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Circumstance Adjudicates The 2010 Bears Draft

Mitigating circumstances should be the words tatted all over the Chicago Bears media guides and even tickets for the upcoming season. I liken the examination of the Bears' draft to a very funny scene in the movie 'Half Baked': “To know what happened to Killer the Dog, you have to understand who Killer really was.”

It would be foolish to try to interpret this year's draft without reviewing all of the circumstances that led up to these picks being made. I can just envision Jerry Angelo talking like Jim Breuer while Lovie Smith and Ted Phillips stand around wondering if this man has lost his mind.

The common misconception about the Bears 2010 draft picks is that Major Wright was the Bears first pick and that the Bears only had 5 draft choices. This is not true. Much like the 2009 draft we have to count other acquisitions as draft picks.

In theory, the Bears only gave up a number 2 pick in 2009 and a number one pick in 2010 to acquire Jay Cutler. Their number one draft choice in 2009 was essentially Jay Cutler, so the sting of having to wait until the 3rd round that season to make a selection was softened. Did you follow that? This year was much the same.

We all know the backdrop: The Jay Cutler trade, the unfortunate passing of Gaines Adams, and a couple bad drafts in a row left our beloved Bears with only 5 picks and none beginning before the 3rd round (75th pick overall). Again, mitigating circumstances led the Bears to do things that they normally don't do.

Would the free agent flurry have happened if the Cutler trade didn't happen the year prior? Would it have happened if an unfortunate death didn't occur? How much influence does a 7-9 record have on this draft and the off-season as a whole?

Close your eyes and try to remember the last time the Bears landed the number one free agent on the market (take your time).

Not only did the Bears secure the services of Julius Peppers, they also paid him top-dollar; very rare 2010 off-season behavior for Angelo and company. Add in Chester Taylor and Brandon Manumaleuna and you have just wrestled the title of off-season champ away from the Washington Redskins (at least until they make another move to supplement their Donovan McNabb trade).

After adding three much needed free agents, the Bears turned to the draft to try to fill other needs on their team. They sat back and waited to draft the best safety still left on the board which turned out to be Major Wright (S, Florida). Good pick, and a guy that will fit well in the Cover 2 scheme and should have an opportunity to compete for a starting spot right away (not many 3rd round picks can say that).

The 4th round selection was Corey Wootton (DE, Northwestern) who has first round talent, but because of some injury concerns fell in the draft and could end up being the steal of the entire draft. Joshua Moore (CB, Kansas State) was selected in the 5th round and is a tall corner back who should be able to compete for a backup role, and at the very least contribute right away on special teams.

The last day draft buzz centered around the Bears' 6th round draft choice Dan LeFevour (QB, C. Michigan) who no doubt lobbied for very passionately by new offensive coordinator Mike Martz. His collegiate numbers are ridiculous, and if his potential pans out, the Bears could have their QB of the future or at the very least a nice trade chip.

Last round picks are like throwing darts but sometimes you do hit the bull's-eye.

Lovie Smith hopes J'Marcus Webb (OT, West Texas A&M) is a bull's-eye for this team. To supplement these 5 picks the Bears signed 12 rookie free agents that included Freddie Barnes (WR, Bowling Green) and Brandon Minor (RB, Michigan) who have potential and could end up on the practice squad this season.

Circumstances help when judging one's behavior. The front office made choices based on an array of situations that have happen over the last two years. Good, bad, or ugly efforts are being put forth to improve this team and at least make the playoffs in 2010 which fans can at least respect.

To be honest, his draft was great. In theory, Peppers was the first round pick, Taylor the second, and Manumaleuna was a supplemental third round pick that they (hypothetically) received because they lost a player to free agency. Add the other five picks and you have a special draft that should help this team get better.

This team has to get better. If they don't, Jerry, Lovie, and possibly even Ted Phillips won't be lucky enough to get 'Half Baked', they'll be flame-boiled (pun intended).


  1. I like these new look Bears, they keep things exciting in the off-season.

  2. I agree. These last 2 off-season have at least been entertaining and exciting for the Bears. Let's hope that it finally translates into wins!!