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With Bears Making So Many Moves, What Will They Do With Olsen?

By: Greill Kupicky

Wow! I am both surprised and impressed with this off season so far. Finally, the Bears are serious about winning. I listen to the radio and read the papers like everyone else and while most people are crabbing about the acquisitions, cuts and rumors...I am relishing in the possibilities.

No matter what anyone says and no matter what the stats showed us last season, I still think Cutler IS the answer. But, nobody can do it alone. When Favre went to Green Bay back in the 90's, the team wasn't complete until Reggie White came to the team. Peppers is our Reggie White. He completes a fragmented D-line and gives us a much needed pass rush to make the crap cover two work again. Notice players actually want to come play for Chicago now. That's because they have confidence in Cutler being able to produce. I had mixed emotions about Martz at first, but more and more, I am getting excited about what he brings tot he table. No longer will our half-witted receivers have to think and make adjustments. The only one who will have to think is Cutler, and frankly, I prefer it that way. The WR's we have right now will be fine in this new system and with what we have right now, including the TE we just acquired from San Diego, this should be a dominating offense. If they add a good, seasoned veteran WR, all the better, but I won't cry if they don't get one.

The Olsen rumors are probably right, they are likely going to trade him. Right now, they want a 2nd round pick in this very rich draft, but other teams know they want to dump him and are probably offering a 3rd. If they trade him, I'm okay with that, but I hope they either hold out for what he's worth, or how about using him in this new crazy offense? How? Well, if it were me, I would make him a slot before I would make Hester a slot, or at least switch them in and out. Sound crazy? Well, maybe it is, but Olsen's knock is his blocking as a tight end, right? We all know he can catch. So, if he can catch, he's a mismatch for linebackers and he is still a better blocker than Hester on run plays (Because even a crappy blocking TE is a better blocker than most receivers are), he might be something nobody has ever seen at that position before. Hmmmm...innovation. Just a though, but whatever way the Bears go, I think Olsen's days as a TE for the Bears are over.

Chester Taylor may or may not be a good back in some people's opinion, but most Vikqueens fans would want him back I'm sure. I promise you this, he is better than any of the running backs that were backing up Forte last season. Definitely an upgrade. Understand this...when the chips were down, they gave the ball to Taylor, not the so-called "star" Peterson. That speaks volumes to me. He is reliable and he is the type of guy that will anger viqueen fans for years. Ha ha! He might even end up being our starter, who knows. Great pick-up.

Defensively, they still need a safety and I don't know if they have it in them to pull off another big money free agent. If they bring in Sharper, great. If they don't, there are lots of guys in the draft that will slip to the third round. At any rate, Peppers makes the life of all DB's a lot easier, but we still need someone decent back there with the cover crap defense. One thing is for sure, having Urlacher back will definitely help. Hey, I heard Mike Brown is available again. He was healthy all last year, maybe they should bring him back cheap for a short contract. Hmmm...thinking outside the box. Try it Angelo.

1 comment:

  1. I disagree with the notion that Olsen's days are over. The Bears would be idiots to dump him--he is the second fastest tight end in football as well as Cutler's most reliable target. Lets look at facts here, even with our acquisitions, if Lovie doesn't go deep in the playoofs, he and his staff will be gone-including Martz. Why get rid of your best receiver for a coach that might only last a year? Why are we putting so much faith in Martz--who is 1 for 3 in winning for teams? Besides, Lovie has 1 year to win, and Martz' offense is so complex, it may take a couple of years to digest. So Olsen may be around longer than the entire coaching staff.