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Tough Season Scheduled for the Bears

By: Ray Joselane

The 2010 schedule for the Chicago Bears is going to make for a long season. They have 8 games scheduled against 2009 playoff teams (Minnesota [2], Green Bay [2], Dallas, Philadelphia, New England and the N.Y. Jets), all of which have a good chance to make it back in 2010.

Thank God for Detroit, Seattle and Washington. Of course, they are probably saying the same thing about the Bears. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the effort made during this free agency period, but I don’t see Julius Peppers dropping back to cover Randy Moss or Chester Taylor blocking for himself and catching 100 passes. I don’t know that the draft is going to provide the immediate help needed; and these are obviously the main areas of concern for Chicago going into 2010.

The Bears are now playing in a division with two of the best teams the NFC has to offer. That is, of course, unless Brett Favre decides he is ready to make Wrangler and Sears his main source of income. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening and now there are rumors going around that McNabb is eyeing Minnesota. If we get really lucky, Minnesota will be relying on Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels to run their offense. Even then, the Vikings would still have one of the best defensive teams in the NFL and enough offensive weapons to remain atop the NFC North.

Plus, Green Bay and their explosive offense have once again reached elite status in the NFC. Unlike Chicago, they decided to go with proven commodities at receiver to help their young quarterback. There is hope that their horrible offensive line turns Aaron Rodgers into Joe Theisman before the year is over, but that’s just wishful thinking. And believe it or not, they had one of the better defenses in all of football last year — as long as you didn’t watch the playoffs. They look to be going nowhere but up in the coming years, which is bad news for the Bears.

If we look on the bright side of things, there are definitely improvements over last year’s Bears squad. We picked up some guys who can come in and make an immediate impact on both sides of the ball. Hopefully Peppers presence will improve the entire defensive line and help take pressure off of our defensive backs. Chester Taylor will no doubt help the running game and Brandon Manumaleuna better be able to toughen up a weak offensive line - considering we paid him twice what any other team in the NFL would have been willing to pay. Unfortunately, as it stands right now, there’s no doubt the Bears are still a distant 3rd in the NFC North.

Here’s how I see the 2010 season breaking down for the Bears. It’s possible for them to go 3-3 in the division if they can beat Detroit twice. However, I don’t see them beating Philly, Dallas, New England or either N.Y. team, which would put them at 3-8. Whether they can beat the Carolinas and Miamis will determine if they have a respectable season or not. I will always hope for the best, but I think we better bear down for a long season.

Chicago Bears 2010 Opponents

Home: Philadelphia, Washington, New England, N.Y. Jets, Seattle, Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota

Away: Dallas, N.Y. Giants, Buffalo, Miami, Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota, Carolina


  1. Good article. I'm always hopeful the bears will have an amazing season but you know how that goes. Hopefully they do get some solid players in the draft that they can groom to be what they need.

  2. Great points. Although Detroit looks like they've improved. New players like Kyle Vanden Bosch, Nate Burelson and a potential pick of N. Suh. Stafford looks like the real deal. Detroit might not be the automatic win anymore.

  3. I have a feeling everything you say is too true, and that of course makes it sad for us Bears fans. I think an unknown quotient is not just who the coaching team is now, but how they work with their squads and each other. I have given up making any kind of predictions - glad there are people like you writing these articles so I can at least keep on top of reality.

  4. You couldn't be right on. Great read. I'm hoping for the best, yet again, but it's hard to ignore the points you made.

  5. Unfortunitly you have made some great points. I will never give up hope. The few additions to our Bears team and and a healthy Urlacher could surprise us all. Wishful thinking on my part.

  6. Valid points, however if we look back to last season, we blew the Packers games and the Eagles game. We should have won all three of those. I see our record being pretty solid, I see us splitting with the Vikings, sweeping Green Bay, sweeping the Lions, and we will beat the Eagles, so right there is six wins. We will beat the Redskins, and we will beat the Seahawks. Now we are at 8 wins. Then the mystery sets in. I truly feel we are going to be a more solid team. I think our defense will surprise teams, and will cause game changing turn overs this coming season. That is what got us to the Super Bowl in 2006, and I feel that is what is going to get us back. We aren't done in free agency, and I like our odds of finding a late round gem. We do it every year. We are going to the playoffs this year gentlemen. No doubt about it!!

  7. There's no doubt we've improved as a team, but our secondary is very poor as it stands right now, so I find it hard to think there will be a ton of game changing plays from them. It will be up to our D Line to pressure the quarterbacks and cause turnovers.

    I think the Eagles losing McNabb is huge and our chances in that game just increased. I would be amazed if we swept Green Bay and Detroit but it's good to know someone out there believes.

  8. I also have concerns about the Bear's defensive backs, but I am confident we can turn it around. What I'm not confident about, is our offensive situation. I'm mainly concerned about our quarterback. I feel Cutler is a long way from being mentally ready to lead this team offensively. I'm not even sure the improvements to the line and the running game are really what's holding him back from playing better football. This organization has shown over the years that it's capable of putting together some very good defenses, but when has it ever put together a league leading explosive offense? Come to think of it, when was the last time we had one of the top QB's in the league? If he continues to play like he has I see the Bears getting swept by Minnesota and Green Bay, while praying for a split with Detroit. If we finish the season at 8-8 I would be very suprised. In my opinion it may be a while before Bear's fans see their team in the playoffs again.

  9. ray, you did have some good points,but you didn't point out everything. you didnt point out that the WR's were very young and inexperianced, and didnt run the greatest routes. i think that will change with another year under there belts and martz coaching them. you didnt point out that the O-line is gonna be different from what it was last year and we have a good O-line coach. you didnt point out that the bears FINALLY got rid of turner, which IMO is the worst play caller in the league. now that all this stuff has changed i'm pretty sure cutler is going to have a very good year, less TO's more TD's. the defense is going to be fine as long as they can find a FS, i think theyre good to go everywhere else.