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A Suspension of Disbelief

By Drew Hays

Avatar has been described as a story told through characters in a world unlike any we have seen before. The audience is forced to suspend its disbelief – in aliens, limitations of technology, etc. – to allow the opportunity to enjoy the experience of cinematic story telling. You submit, hoping the story, acting, and effects are good. You plunk down the money and hope for the best.

I am going to do my best to maintain the same spirit going into the 2010 Bears’ season.

Despite awkward press conferences and a drama-filled introduction to the off-season, I will try.

Despite the history… of ownership misers, of a GM with a questionable talent for player evaluation, of a coach full of stubborn arrogance that prefers cronies to challenging mindsets… I want to believe.

I will try to ignore the red flags… The concern generated when a player that just signed the contract containing highest amount of guaranteed money in league history says he is coming to the Bears not as a leader, but “just another piece”… I won’t let it enter my mind.

The concern of the infamous “Tight End Unfriendly Offense” and what that will do to the production of a former first round draft pick just beginning to click with the new franchise quarterback… I will believe the Offensive Coordinator to be smart enough to find a way to utilize the leader in receptions from last season.

The concern that the defensive backfield will continue to get worse – that the one cornerback I trust has been fighting through shoulder injuries and turns 30 next year. No… The Bears will aggressively pursue Atogwe and address depth through the draft.

The concern that our franchise quarterback will be a battered mess forced into making rushed, poor decisions. .. This will not be the case. The free agent tight end acquisition will add real protection on the edge and the Bears will find depth through the draft, right?

I can’t give into dwelling on these issues. For the first time I can remember, the Bears organization did the best they could. They made a real effort to get better. They grabbed the best available players in free agency, made changes in the coaching staff, and most importantly, have taken on a tone of urgency in trying to make the playoffs.

So I will suspend my disbelief; my disillusionment with the franchise. I’m going all in with the team and hold out hope for a surprisingly successful season.



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