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Thoughts From the Lakeview Seats

By Drew Hays

So… an unsuccessful year, public turmoil, cronyism, fired staff "escorted" from the building,... What, is NBC running the Bears organization?

The latest was President Ted Phillips saying the Bears won’t be going “hog wild” pursuing free agents this year. This comes as no surprise to anyone, but the rub came when he made this statement on the same day that the organization revealed the increase for a majority of Soldier Field seats (thankfully the 400 level sections, or as I like to call them, the Lakeview Seats were left alone). This came off as an extension of the organization’s collective middle finger directed towards the fans.

This may not have been the intent, but I know for many that was the perception. The Bears organization showed a lack of tact, once again coming across as “bush league”. I wonder if Lance Briggs feels like Mr. Pink after the loused-up bank robbery, “I didn't create the situation, I'm just dealin' with it! …I'm acting like a professional!”

I couldn’t be happier that the Bulls parted ways with both Tyrus Thomas and John Salmons. Thomas needs to grow up, and he’ll have to under Larry Brown. Salmons was…well, I guess it was too soon to have another player with weird hair on the team. I still have not gotten Drew Gooden’s bizarre “reverse soul-patch” tuft out of my memory yet. The best news out of this for me is that it looks as though Paxson finally rediscovered his courage after the Wallace debacle. And by courage I mean Gar Foreman. It looks like there is an actual plan behind these moves. Now about that head coach…

A few non-Chicago sports thoughts…
There must have been some very angry, very powerful business people forcing Tiger Woods’ hollow apology. He certainly did not need to do this as a golfer. I’m not sure this made his wife think she could trust him again. I think his business associates wanted humility through humiliation, all in the name of money. I could care less. As a fellow human, I wish him well, but beyond that, I’d just like to watch him golf again.

Mark McGuire… I proudly reveal myself as a Cub rooting Cardinal hater so I was delighted to read the excerpts from Jay McGuire’s new book. It chronicles the types of PEDs, dosages, and timeframes of Mark cheating under Jay’s guidance. These details totally refute McGuire’s statement to Bob Costas, "The only reason I took steroids was for health purposes." He may have started with that mentality, but he clearly decided to continue on for speed and power. His incomplete apology was equally alternatively motivated; this time to rejoin MLB as a coach.

McGuire addressed these new allegations, telling the Associated Press, "I've already come out and said what I've done and apologized. …As far as I'm concerned there's really nothing new."

Of course, he could have used this platform, as he posed at the Congressional hearings, to speak to the youth about the health ramifications of steroid usage. But once again, it’s clear that McGuire is not here to talk about the past.
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