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Martz? So What's The Problem?

By: Greil Kupicky

Okay, so the Bears hired Mike Martz, right? He's an offensive genius, isn't he? Well, as far as I know he is. He has proven he can make an offense explosive and he has proven that he can turn Cutler into "That Guy" that we all know he can be. So why is there a controversy? "Oh, he's a jerk," one of my friends said. Okay, so what? 90% of people I know are jerks, so who cares? AND, who cares if he is a jerk if he gets the job done, right? All I want is for my team to be good, so if Martz is the guy that will make that happen, great! But is he the missing piece to the puzzle? Man! I honestly don't know. Right now, I feel a bit like someone would feel if they gave me a pair of shoes that they pulled from the trash, polished them up nice and told me they were new shoes. I appreciate the gesture, but I don't know if I really want to wear them. Did the guy before me have a foot fungus? Will they make my feet stink? Hmmmmm!
Here is one thing for sure, I really do think the Bears upgraded with the hire, but I am so tainted as a fan from all of the bull crap of the past, the lies, the spin, the great players who were great on other teams, then came to the Bears and sucked ass. We seem to get everyone elses garbage! Like I said, all I want is for my team to be good, but the organization seems to do everything to make itself suck, so why be optimistic? Right?
Well, last year, I predicted our beloved Bears to be 12 and 4 and Cutler to have a great year. I was wrong. Blame can be pointed to several places, but lets face it, the second Urlacher went down, we all knew the season was done. I was never a lover of the Cover Boo, but I always thought it was a defense that, if ran with some improvisions, could do the job. That I was wrong about, too. Why not improvise it a little Lovie? I know this sounds crazy, but we have a lot of linebackers, good ones, so why not utilize that strength? How about moving Urlacher to Strong Safety and putting the other linebackers in as linebackers? Urlacher would be a terror as a Strong and create havoc! It would basically be like a 4-4, but Urlacher played Strong in college and can cover people, so why not?
I know a neighbor of Ron Turner, and he told me that Ron knew he was going to get canned, but there was nothing he could do...his hands were tied apparently because the organization made him play certain players because they were getting paid more than other players. So players like Hester and Bennett were forced in and the problem he said was that they are dumb. They can't remember where they are suppossed to be, they don't finish their routes, and they can't remember plays, so Turner, apparently, was forced to dummy down the play book. I don't really care about all of that to be honest, I just want my team to be good.
Beyond all of that blame game crap, I stated I liked the coaching staff during the preseason, and at the time, I did. But Turner is gone, Martz is in. Am I happy? Not really. Am I sad? Not really. Do I care? YES! I just want my team to be good.
Bottom line, the defense needs to be worth a crap next season, they absolutely cannot perform like they did this year. However you make them better, do it! I heard a rumor that Peppers would be looked at by the Bears? Great! Onguyleay sucks! We need sacks for this defense to work, so pull the trigger. Urlacher, and every other player that is worth a crap, needs to remain healthy all season for us to be competative. Our DB's need to actually cover passes. AND, finally, the offense needs to score points. If Martz is allowed to to do his thing, and if he actually does it, we have the talent to be dominating. If his hands are tied, like I was told Turner's hands were, we will see a lot of the same frustrating crap we saw with Turner...and then for Christ sake, then it will be time for Lovie, Angelo, and anyone else responsible (I forgot the GM's name off hand) to GET THE F out!!!! You know why? BECAUSE I JUST WANT MY TEAM TO BE GOOD!!!!!!!


  1. Amen, Amen and Amen, That's all I ever wanted,I want this team to do what is necessary to be contenders

  2. Ron Turner was never a good OC. Back when we had Moose and Berrian (that F***ING traitor), the offense was still boring and lame. I think we got a shot, as long as Urlacher is healthy on Sunday we always have a shot to win. Sure do miss Mike Brown tho