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Whats up?

With the anticipation of the "Meeting", I have decided to give some insightful predictions/hope on personell decisions for the Bears.

*Devin Hester-The experiment as a #1 Wide out is a complete and total failure. Bringing in a Probowl QB did not make Hester the legitamate big time WR that the coaching and management staff hoped for. Hester will never be anything more than a kick returner and a Regie Bush-type decoy/slot/RB/#4 or 5 WR at best. By the way, I'm sick and tired of the "experiments" with this staff. Quit trying to turn Linebackers into Tightends, QB's into DB's, D-Linemen into Fullbacks, etc. Get a WR if you need a WR, and so on.

*Danial Manning- Find a spot for Danial Manning and keep him there. Don't just list him as a DB and expect him to play all four positions. I say he is a Nickle Back, but I truely believe he could be an every down Strong Safety because he isn't the fastest guy, but he can lock up well with TE's and a third WR. Lovie took him under his wing and tried to make him more, he's not...AND THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!

*Jaron Gilbert- He should be playing on the End, not Tackle. He has the flexiblity to be a DE in any scheme (3-4 or 4-3). He is perfect size and has great athletecism.

*O-Line- Chris Williams needs to stay on the left, he is a good looking young tackle once he was on the left (He is naturally left-handed), Shaffer did okay at RT, but if someone better comes along, so beit. Kruetz and Pace can both retire or go elsewhere, and Beekman can settle in at Center, or if someone better comes beit.

*Our starting WR's right now should be Earl Bennette and Devin Aroshemedo. Cutler has said this since training camp, so he must have saw something Lovie didn't because Aroshemedo didn't start until Minnesota, and look what he did...go figure. We definately could use a star from free agency to come in here and make some noise.

*I like Tillman moving to FS. With his ballhawking skills and ability to cause fumbles, he would be outstanding.

*Oguleyay will be gone. Adams is a nice addition to the D-line rotation, but I'm unsure if he will be more than an important component in the D-line rotation. Idonoje belongs at End, not at Tackle. We need to address in free agency or draft the D-Line need. WE NEED AN ACTUAL D-TACKLE. A big monster, a plugger in the middle to compliment Tommy Harris.

*I'm pretty happy with the Linebacking core. Any improvement will be welcome, but when healthy, these guys are the best in the NFL. When Urlacher went down, I knew that diminished any true Superbowl contention less freak of nature miricle.

*Running Back- The Kevin Jones/Garrett Wolfe experiment has not worked. Bell and Forte are basically the same type of backs, big bruising style Running Backs. We need a smaller, quicker style running back that puts defenses on their heels. Still one of the biggest mistakes the Bears made in the recent years was trading Thomas Jones. Look what he did when he was here, and look what he has done in NY. We are paying the price for Angelo keeping his word. Maybe we should learn from that mistake which reminds me of the Dencer/Cutler mistake to not upset a star player by drafing or using free agency to bring in competition. Earlier in the season there were dozens of big-name Running Backs available, we didn't pull the trigger.

We have numerous examples during the tenure of Lovie Smith of trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. WHICH is why I believe he should be fired. However, I would almost guarantee that will not happen. ESPN stated that Lovie will stay and the entire offensive coaching staff will be canned. They also said that Lovie will possibly need to abandon the Cover Two defense and hire a new Defensive Coordinator. What this means, I don't know. BUT what I do know is that he is on a short leesh. If he is sub-500 the Lovie era will be over.

One thing that really impresses me about the Bears is that they issued a letter of apology to the fans because of this disappointing season. I have never heard of that being done before. While it is nice, and I accept their apology, I truely wish, as a die-hard Bears fan, that they would make better decisions. Turner's gone, fine, but who do you bring in then? If it is some other joker, they were better off to keep Turner. ALTHOUGH I did just hear that Cutler and Turner had issues. If that is the case, no wonder. If I could talk tot he Bears owners, i would say, "Hey, I know it is a lot of money nowadays, and this is your only source of income as a family, but spend the doe to give us a winner. We spend the doe to come watch you and buy your sponsor's advertised goods...and even your merchandise. GIVE BACK!!!!"


  1. Earl Bennette and Devin Aroshemedo?
    I stopped trusting the opinions in this article after reading that.
    Ever see a Bears game before?

  2. Diddo. I agree with the comments on Hester and Chris Williams, but other than that there is nothing of merit throughout the rest of the article. Such as...

    Who cares about Danieal Manning or Gilbert? Neither of them are starters at any position.

    Tillman to free safety...really? He is a good corner, which is hard to come by these days. Moving him to safety would only weaken our already shaky pass defense.

    Our best DE's are Ogunleye and Alex Brown. The Gaines Adams pick up was nothing short of retarded. After we trade our first round pick for Cutler, we trade our next draft pick for a guy that plays a position we are already saturated at. We already have 3 barely above average DE's and we added a fourth with Adams...

    Are Anthony Adams (6' 310lbs) and Marcus Harrison (6'3'' 315lbs) not the "big monster pluggers" in the middle you are asking for?

    The linebacking corps hasn't been the best in the NFL in 5 years. Briggs is a legitimate weak side linebacker. Urlacher has been hurt half of his career and is well past his prime. The never-ending carousel of guys playing third linebacker is just sad. Nick Roach? Hunter Hillenmeyer? Jamar Williams? Just sad...

    What Kevin Jones/Garrett Wolfe experiment are you talking about? Wolfe has been our third running back since we drafted him a few years ago and Kevin Jones was picked up to add some depth to the position, which didn't work out. Wolfe is our change of pace back, a la Darren Sproles in San Diego. We already have a small, fast running back and picking up another would be nothing short of idiotic.

    Also, learn how to spell, especially the players' names. I have sent you a copy of "Hooked on Phonics"'re welcome.