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Chicago Bears Position By Position Analysis


Ok, so we know Jay Cutler didn't quite work out the way we all would've liked. Let's look at his numbers:

27 TDs (8th in the league)
26 Ints (1st, 6 more than Sanchez or Stafford)
3,666 Yards (13th in the league)
76.8 Passer Rating (21st in the league)

So what am I getting at? Cutler has proven he can be a good quarterback. He didn't go to the pro-bowl because he stinks. Ron Turner was the problem. Look at what Kyle Orton was able to do in Denver. Kyle threw for more yards, less than half the picks, and had a rating 10 points higher than Jay. Does anyone honestly think Kyle would have put up those kind of numbers here? With Turner gone, I fully expect Cutler, and this offense, to return to form next season.

As far as backups are concerned, it was finally nice to not have to go to the bullpen. Is the Hanie the guy? As much as I like the guy and am rooting for him, I don't think so. Would you really trust Caleb to lead this team in case Jay goes down? Caleb reminds me a lot of the Quinns and Hutchinsons of Chicago Bears quarterbacks. We need to bring in a capable vet like John Kitna for next year.

Running Backs

What happened to Matt Forte? O yeah, our offensive line sucks. Sure, it didn't look like Matt was running with the same power or vision this season. Perhaps all the carries from last year wore him down, or he was a one hit wonder ala Anthony Thomas. Can Matt be the Bears featured back heading into the future? I feel like that's a fair question. He sure didn't look like it this year. Like I mentioned before, the line was bad, but Forte wasn't that good. His 3.6 yards per carry sticks out like a sore thumb. I feel Matt would be much better suited for a two back backfield like we see everywhere else in the league. The failure of this coaching staff to bring in another legit running back has hurt this team and might ruin Matt Forte's career.

Kevin Jones was not a good signing. I thought that the day we signed him. Running backs don't recover well from ACL injuries. Plus, Jones had a reputation as an underachiever. Remember all the hype before he was going to be drafted? Do you also remember how he came out and ran a 4.7?

Garrett Wolfe has some potential. Sure he's a midget,

but he is the second best back on the team. He is an under rated pass blocker and a valuable special teams player. Who would've thought Garrett would turn into a special teams ace? Garret will take over what Adrain Peterson's role has been in the past, a very capable 3rd string back who is a great special teams contributor.

And Khalil Bell's "success" just points out the lack of quality running backs on our roster. Here's a guy who is running with a tire chained to back, yet somehow has looked better than all these highly touted draft picks on da Bears. Give me a break, and lets bring in some real talent at this position through the draft. Oh ya, we have no picks...

Next up, wide receivers and offensive line.

Adam McFadden
Da Bears and Bulls Blog


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