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By: Greill Kupicky

Slowly they circled, around and around until it's final fate was sealed with a flush, and they rapidly traveled together down the water funnel into the unknown realm of the sewer...the Chicago sewer.

Sad but true. You know its bad when you can barely beat the lowly 1-10 Rams. The only thing in the Bears favor on Sunday was that the Rams offensive woes are worse than the Bears. They suck, but our Bears aren't much better. Watching interviews after the game, it is very clear to me that Lovie has lost this team and will probabaly get fired at the end of this season, along with the rest of this pathetic bunch. My truely biggest concern is that we will get stuck with another Baltimore's terd. If you watched the Packer-Raven game on Monday night, you saw a preview of what the Bears will be under that terd.

I think I get so frustrated because the problems are so very obvious to me, yet they seem so far from the imagination of the current coaches, and the team's current management. Football at any level is not brain surgery. It is a basic understanding of a few key principals. These principals are taught to pee wee kids. Guy with ball...tackle him. When you have to goalline. Then you hit the next level in highschool. There, you do the same stuff, but they expand on it. They pull guards. They pass the ball. They get slightly more complicated in plays. Then college comes, and they take the cream of the crop. Now you learn about schemes and strategy, but the original techniques are still the same. Finally, some make it to the pros where it all comes together.

It is a simple game, when they have the ball tackle them, when you have the ball, score. Football is a game of inches. Some teams get it and run plays to get as many inches as they can, and some play to get one inch at a time. Guess which one will win that game? Guess which strategy Lovie and this coaching staff follow?

Football is also like a military machine. Strategy is that if they load up the line, you soften them up with an air attack. If they back off, then you roll them over with your tanks and infantry. I miss big linemen. The trend of having smaller athletes is a style I think is foolish. I want my linemen big and strong...road graders. Lovie wants small guys who get pushed all over the field, not tough guys who open holes. That is both offensive and defensive by the way.

I still think Lovie will get one more year and Turner will get canned, but who knows. All I know is that ticket sales will suffer, merchandise sales will suffer, viewership will suffer, and Jay Cutler will get ruined with this staff, so McCasky family...Get 'er done!!!!


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