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A Christmas Wishbone

If I had a Christmas wish, I would wish for Bears fans to make a website called where contributions were made by Bears fans, collected, and given to the Cheap McCaskey Family. Call it a bribe, or whatever, but if we could do it, I would contribute so we can get a real coach in there for once.

Now, in keeping with the Holiday Season I feel the need to create a need list for the Bears. To honor the songs of the Season I am using the 12 Days of Christmas as our song of choice. The needs are not in any particular order....

1. We need to replace Lovie as head Coach. I feel we need a Head Coach that is a "true leader" that is in the mold of Halas and Ditka. Someone whom the players and fans can embrace, someone who is befitting to coach "The Monsters of the Midway" and in "The City of Broad Shoulders".

2. We need to clean house at the coordinator positions. Ron Turner has zero clues in how to utilize Cutler. His creativity is as inspiring as a door mat. His play calling is that of a sub 500 team at the high school level. Lovie and his Tampa Boo Cover Who defensive scheme has lost it's luster and has seen it's better days.

3. A true number 1 wide receiver. Sure we have some good talent at the WR position, but these guys are all 2's and 3's on everyone else depth chart. Don't get me wrong I do like our guys it is just that we need a "go to guy" that Cutler can rely on.

4. A Left Guard that can actually block somebody instead off the wind of the lake shore. We have seen the revolving door at this position, literally in quality of play and in personnel.

5. A Right Guard who actually gives full effort. I watch this position and I have seen sacks given up and blown blocking assignment in the run game and the only emotion I see is an "oh well" look on his face and in his body language.

6. A Right Tackle. Where oh where has a tackle like Van Horne gone? I like Shaffer as a backup, but right now he is the best we have. We need someone that can be that nasty wall of a man that devours defensive ends in the run game and takes the heat off the QB. We need an upgrade here badly.

7. A Defensive Tackle that can join the rotation. I would like to see a real plugger in the run game who can absorb blockers like he absorbs "Big Macs". Someone who can collapse the pocket in the pass rush arena.

8. We need help at the Free Safety and Strong Safety positions. We are young and green at these areas and it shows in poor tackling and the "Ghost" technique in the pass game.

9. We need Defensive Ends that are equally adept at stopping the run and getting a pass rush. We need players that are not just fast because we have undersized players that rely only on quickness alone and that has become a liability.

10. A change of pace Running Back that is quicker through the hole than Forte. Someone who can get to the outside and make Defensive Coordinators have to scheme for two different styles of runners.

11. A new General Manager that is better a evaluating talent in the free agent market. Is better at drafting in the higher rounds and is good in the later rounds. Angelo has done well in the later rounds, but if I had to give a letter grade for his higher picks it would be a D-...and that is being generous.

12. We need to move Hester back to doing one thing and that is returning punts and kicks. That is his thing and he does it as good as anybody in the league. We need him to concentrate on that and leave the Wide Receiver position experiment alone.

Merry Christmas.


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