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Only The Bears Could Make Cutler Look Pedestrian

By: Greill Kupicky

The title of this article "Only the Bears could make Cutler look pedestrian" were words spoken to a friend of mine from a grocery store stock boy. I have never in my life heard a more profound statement. Even a stock boy knows what the coaches refuse to see. Everyone laughed and scrutinized Rex Grossman's father a while back for speaking, what we all now know is, the truth. The Bears have ruined yet another quarterback. Oh, you can blame Cutler for his piss poor performance...and it was piss poor. You can blame the coaching staff, you can blame Lovie Smith, you can blame Angelo, and to be honest, I think they all should be given a piece of the blame pie, but it is the organization and the McCasky family who ultimately carries the true blame. I am sick and tired of mediocrity, and they know that people will go to watch the Bears regardless of the product that is presented every Sunday because they know we love our Bears.

I used to defend Angelo's ability for later round evaluation of talent, and his overall ability to draft good players in the later rounds. I thought he was one of the best in the league at doing that. For the last two years, he has been "Pedestrian." I feel that he has really been reaching to get Lovie players that fit a scheme rather than what I would do, which is drafting the best players. I'm sick of them drafting a running back and turning him into a DB, or drafting a linebacker and turning him into a tight end. Since Lovie has taken over, I have seen a decline in size at every position.

Lovie and Angelo seem to think that quick and athletic outweigh weight. To some degree, I agree, but not in the trenches. Linemen need to be big and strong on any team I coach. Quick and athletic are an added bonus, and I assure you that I would utilize those player's abilities with an offense that actually fooled people. You know, traps, counters, draws, pulling linemen, sweeps, and screens. Not the Wide receiver screen, a legitimate HB screen that slows down any pass rush because you destroy them and eat them alive with it until they stop blitzing. And when you move forward with your offensive game plan and they start blitzing again, you run another screen. Or, you run up the middle 3 times in a row, then fake it up the middle and run outside, or do a play action pass. It's called strategy. It is not strategy to run the same 6 plays over and over again. Seriously, how many times a game do you see the wide receiver screen? I counted four Sunday night, and five last Thursday. That is a play you run 5 times a year, not five times a game...SHOOP!!!! No ingenuity from Turner. He is not putting these players in a position to win. Philly likes to blitz, fine run a screen, open up the run. The game has changed and teams today pass to open up the run, not the other way around. We have to out-scheme the other team, because with this offensive line we can't run the ball effectively, and Turner needs to play call smarter or what you have seen is what you will get forever with him.

This is why the coaches we have all need to go. The philosophy is all wrong. My personality is to crush the opponent, any opponent. I want to score every single offensive play, and I want to blow up every single offensive play they run. DESTROY!!! Ditka did that, that was how he won the division year after year and won a Super Bowl. Since Ditka, we have had woosie coaches who "Play not to loose." Don't play not to loose, play to win, and play to win big. Ditka was our coach 20 years ago, and we all still love him...why? Because he produced. His problem was that he was outspoken and challenged jerk off McCaskey. Ohhh, don't rock the boat, or you'll loose your head coaching job Lovie and Jouron. No, just be quiet and work with what you have...mediocrity. Spend some money McCaskey family and bring us a "real" coaching staff. Not just a top notch head coach either, bring me a top notch offensive coordinator, top notch quarterback coach, top notch line coach, top notch running back coach, top notch defensive coaches, and top notch scouts. If you go cheap at any of these positions...mediocrity.

There is no doubt about it, Jay had a rotten game and quite honestly, he looked awful. How many throws that would have been touchdowns five games ago did he miss. I counted four. He looked like a mouse that was put into a python's cage, cautious, scared, reluctant, unsure. He was more worried about throwing a pick than he was about completing a pass. That's bad, and by the way, that is because of the coaching. Everything was either overthrown or under thrown, mostly overthrown. The only play Cutler had that was good was that touchdown pass, and if you looked at it closely, his hand was hit as he threw, otherwise that would have been overthrown, too. Yeah, he is a great product that is ruined because Turner wants him to drop back rather than doing what Cutler is best at...rolling out. Typical!

By the way, a quick side not, that Bell kid really impressed me. It wasn't only his very first carry that went for 72 yards (although that was nice), but it was his other Carry's as well. He had a few carries for like eight yards. Some were called back because of penalties. It was a very sloppy game...again. You will never win games when you get more penalty yards than offensive yards. Again, that is coaching. Lovie, in my humble opinion, has lost this team. Anyway, I liked what I saw from Bell, other than his almost fumble. What I would like to see is him getting more carries and establishing a run game with him, then using Forte with what he is good at...third down situations, and catching passes out of the backfield with occasional runs to fool the defense...Strategy.

Shanahan has been interviewing with Buffalo. I would love to have him, but I'll bet it won't happen. The best fit for the Bears is a guy who said on ESPN that he is interested in interviewing for coaching vacancies at the end of this year. He is a coach who has won a Super Bowl, been in two, and countless playoff games. He coached in a city where the fans remind me of Chicago fans very collar, hard nosed, love their team. His style compliments what the Bears love...a running game, good defense (especially linebackers), and a tradition to win baby. That man is Bill Cower. Come to us Bill, come to us.


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