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It's Still A Dubya, Or Is It?

By: Greill Kupicky

You should never take away a victory from any team by saying that it didn't mean anything, or they should have won that game so it isn't a big deal. The Bears still had to go out there and win the game...which they did...quite handily I might add, or did they?

I'll hand it to the defense, they played their game, they made good plays, and they won the game. Good job fellas. Tillman grabbed a few interceptions. Good job. He even returned one for a touchdown. Awesome! They held the Browns to 6 points. Good job. The offense scored 23 points. Um, okay, good job. Forte had 90 yards and two touchdown runs. Um, okay, good job. Okay, STOP!!!! I can't do it anymore.

The defense looked improved but lets call it what it is. They were in a Nickle D most of the time with Manning out there in place of the third linebacker (Hillenmeyer). That is because Hillenmeyer is a disappointment and a liability out there. The commentators were commenting on how he is a general out there for the defense...Not my general...And if he is the general of any army, I feel sorry for the army.

Lovie all but has abandoned the Tampa Two because I think he has finally realized that it is an outdated defense, and he does not have the personnel to run it...for sure right now, preferably never again. Too little, too late. He needs to go and take his Tampa Two with him. With Mike Brown, Urlacher, and Tommy Harris in his prime, it was a very good defense, but with Brown retired, Urlacher injured, and Harris...what the heck is wrong with him I do not know. But at any rate, it is a horrible defensive scheme. Yeah, Tommy Harris really disappointed me. Did you see him bounce off the Browns quarterback rather than tackle him? Pathetic! Actually, he is not the only disappointment on the defensive line. Have they had any pressure yet this year minus the two sacks against the Packers (who everyone is beating up on), and the two against Seattle? Other than that, they have been a non-factor. Pathetic!

Offensively, man...I don't know where to begin. Lets start with the offensive line...again. Awful, just awful. Their manhood was called into question, and we got our answer. Olin Krutz is a shadow of what he once was. He was beaten every single time...pushed back like a tackling dummy. Pathetic! Finally, Lovie put in Beekman over that other character. He's not much better, but he was definitely an improvement. Pace looked like a matador out there again, and Williams hasn't impressed me either. The whole rest of the league can run up and down the field against the Browns, and our "Star" running back couldn't even muster 100 yards. Pathetic! I was more impressed with Cutler's runs than his.

Speaking of Cutler, I'm telling you this with all sincerity, if they don't find someone who will block for him, he WILL BE injured. The commentators said, "Wow, he's tough. Look at him take those hits, and look at his uniform. You have to be tough to be a QB for the Bears."

Oh, if you only knew how true that was. I actually feel bad for him. He's got to be frustrated. That one play where he got labeled and was bleeding from his mouth...that was a cheap shot, no doubt. But, where was the blocking? And, the commentator said he didn't have his mouth guard in, that was why he bit his tongue. Bull!!! He bit his tongue through the mouth guard. Protect him...he is the Bears only hope at a future!!!! And if he goes, we will be a very bad team as opposed to an average team. None of us want that.

Now, the most important part of our soup...the coaching. All of them need to be run out of town, but I will give one bit of kudos to Lovie. Remember Dave Wandsted? Well, with him, he had a much more talented team and managed to find ways to loose. Lovie does find ways to win with a crap team. But whose fault is it that they are crap? Enough...Off with his head.

Turner has really shown me exactly what he is. He is the rebirth of John Shoop. Run up the middle. Wide receiver screen. Tightend three yard out. Punt. And if I can call the plays that he is running, don't you think a defensive coordinator can? I think so. He would be the first to go if I had anything to say about it. For Christ sake, can you possibly devise any offensive plays that deviate from those three plays? Man!

By the way, we have this great quarterback and we have not thrown deep in the last three games. I understand that the line is horrendous, and maybe that is why, but how about quit sending 5 wide receivers out and doing a max protect? Keep the Tight ends in, keep Forte in, block, and send Knox and Hester deep, let them beat the defenses with their speed and give Cutler a chance...and do it on first down. Then, when they scheme against that, you run the ball. Then, when they put 8 in the box, you pass the ball. Brain surgery, isn't it? I am starting to see frustration from Cutler, too. Did you see him get irritated when he had to call a time out because Turner didn't send the play in on time? How frickin hard is it Turner to choose from the three plays that you always run? Choose one and lets go!

Hey Turner? I got one word for you...John Shoop!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, that's two words. I guess I'm not a genius like you...or am I?


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