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Five Picks With No Picks

By: Greill Kupicky

Five picks is unacceptable for any Quarterback to give a team. Jay Cutler is not above blame in this game, it was a piss poor performance. However, I still see a guy who is trying to win football games, so while he doesn't get a free pass this week from me like I have given him in the past, I still tip my hat for the effort.

After watching the game on Thursday I for one can't wait for the season to end. This is by far the most dismal team I have seen in 10 years and dare I say this team reminds me of the "Wannstedt era" and as we all know he was nicknamed "Death Spiral Dave" for good reasons.

The Bears just seem incapable of putting together a complete team effort. If the defense plays well, the offense blows, and vice versa. If they are both firing on both cylinders, then special teams leaves a brown streak into the locker room. It sucks, and it is hard to watch.

Kudos to the defense, they gave a good showing, but this was against the 49ers and their offense does not give any defensive coordinators sleepless nights. Their QB is a bum and all you have to do to keep them scoring is to stop AL Gore. Easier said than done, I know, but it is a lot easier to do that than to try to stop the AZ offense or the Bungles.

The Bears offense made the 49ers defense look like World beaters, but with Turner's 6 play playbook, the swinging gate offensive line, and no one to throw the ball to (except Greg Olsen) it is a wonder that Cutler is not on the IR list. I know I say it every single week, but one of two things is going to happen with Cutler. 1. He will get killed and we loose him for the season/his career. We definitely don't want that. 2. The boneheaded coaches of this team are going to ruin this potentially great prospect within the next two years, much like Cade McNown was ruined by the then offensive genius coaching staff of the Chicago Bears.

Though I do hold him accountable, I simply can not, repeat can not, blame Cutler completely for his interceptions. He has no one to throw the ball too, he is constantly running for his life and has no run game to take the pressure off of him. I also do not blame Forte for his lack of production. The line does not block anybody and it is evident that they are really just that bad. Olin Krutz is a joke. I heard a guy on the score bring something to my attention that is 100% true. Krutz sucks at long-snapping the ball. AND...If you are a "Pro-Bowl" Center int he NFL, shouldn't you be able to do it?

The line actually looked better when Pace was on the sidelines. Schaffer (?) wasn't great, but I can excuse a guy of his caliber compared to what we thought we had with Pace. I almost wondered if Pace wasn't actually hurt, and if it was a rouse to get him out...finally. They have got to try something different. I would almost be willing to try to move Pace to left guard. He sucks at Tackle anyway, so start Shaffer at left tackle and Pace as the guard. Pace would be an upgrade over the "bums" that have been previously playing there, so why not?

I tell you this, Lovie Smith has lost this team, and it is most obvious because of the stupid penalties. Come on! I've seen less penalties from bad high school teams. Sloppy, very sloppy. There was such piss poor execution and lack of effort on both sides of the ball it just makes you wonder if anyone on this team has heart, and/or gives a crap about winning. The lack luster coaching staff, which can not come up with any creativity, lacks fundamentals of good coaching. Bad technique and the scheming they do we will not see this team become a viable contender until there is a complete house cleaning of this coaching staff.

I'm not sure about the talent. Sometimes I think it is great, other times I think we are in trouble for years to come. One thing for sure is that I am sick and tired of hearing "Bring back Orton." Are you kidding me? Orton? The only reason that guy has had any season whatsoever is because he is finally on a team that understands what an offensive line does. He is now blessed with being coached. The coaching staff works to protect the QB. Cutler is an amazing player, he finds a pocket when there isn't one created for him, he gets out of holds and for the love of all things holy, he does most of the tackling on the damn offense of that line. You can build a team around this build one.

The trouble is we have no picks this coming year, so it will have to be done via trade and free agency. I know this may sound dumb, but (and hear me out on this) what if the Bears traded Devin Hester away. I know what you are thinking...he's our only real talent. No he's not. He is a gifted return guy, but in reality, he sucks as a wide receiver. The Bears had to give him WR money to keep him around, but he is not WR money worthy. We have Mannely and Knox to return kicks, and both have proved that they can do very well. Hester is not a good WR, so what are we really loosing by dumping him while we can get something for him? Maybe a good Tackle or Guard? I don't know. And, how about Olsen? I'd be willing to get rid of a TE who can catch but not block for a worth while draft pick (If a good player like a WR or O-line is available-why not?) or a much needed player from a desperate team's roster. Dez Clark is good, and I like Kellen, too. Why not? Lets make some moves...lets make something happen here. The window is closing already, time is short....maybe before we get Cutler killed?

I love the Bears for good or for bad, and as patient as I am, it is becoming harder and harder for me to remain a loyal Bears fan. I'll never turn my back on them, but this season is dismal at best. Why not do something for us fans for once...Bring in some new proven coaches who can teach our players their jobs and leave the players that do their job alone. And above all else, for God sakes, stop making excuses for the obvious Lovie. I thought I was listening to Dave Wannstedt for a minute when he was talking. Lovie said himself that November will show you who your team is. Wow! If this is the team you are giving me, you can have it back. Give me back my Bears!!!!!!


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