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Bears Playoffs Hopes On Life Support

As the Bears prepare to play San Francisco tonight, I can't help but think that their season is already over regardless of the outcome of this game. Does this sound a little over the top after 8 games? Well, perhaps but let's take a step back and review.

The Bears are 4-4 on the season and have yet to address the major concerns they had coming into this season. For example, the defense was supposed to be performing at a higher level than the previous 2 seasons. Needless to say that has not happened yet. This was evident in their losses to the Bengals and the Cardinals where each team scored on their first six drives and had the Bears on their heels early. Outside of a miracle, I don't see the defensive line getting any better for the duration of the season either. The wide receiving core was supposed to be transformed with the arrival of Cutler. That hasn't really come to past either as the offensive line struggles to keep Cutler protected for the most part. As a fellow writer on the site mentioned, the Bears have given up 19 sacks so far in the season. Cutler was only sacked a total of 11 all of last season. No matter how good of a quarterback you have, he can not be effective if he doesn't have time to throw the ball or if the receivers are not able to shake the opposing team's secondary.

In looking at the Bears' schedule, there are only two teams that I think the Bears are capable of beating and they are the Rams and the Lions. They don't seem to have any answers on offense or defense which is why they will fall to the Eagles, Vikings, Ravens and maybe even the Packers as well. I mentioned at the beginning of the year that the Cutler acquisition was a bold move by the organization, however my fear was that he didn't have enough firepower around him to elevate the offense to another level. The defense seemed primed and ready to put the poor play of the past 2 years behind them. However injuries have taken their toll on both the line and the secondary as well, leaving the Bears searching for answers on both sides of the ball. I hate to use this phrase at this point of the season, but "wait until next year" may have already arrived for the Chicago Bears as well as their fans. Here's to hoping they prove me wrong.

James Tillman


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