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Ugly Wins Aren't The Only Things That Are Ugly

By: Greill Kupicky

Well, I'm tired of getting mad about them. I'm tired of making excuses for them. I'm tired of looking like a moron by saying that they are a great team when in reality, they are a decent team. So, my new philosophy is to just watch. Yeah, I'm just going to watch for the rest of the season, no anger, no screaming and throwing my hat at the TV, no complaining...just watching.

I guess there is a reason Hub Arkish gets paid for his analysis and I do mine for free. He stated that Forte was a serviceable back, but not a guy who can carry a team. I defended Forte. The thing is, I'm starting to see his point. The blocking is horrible, I grant you, but a good back can find a hole, or make something happen. Forte runs right into the backs of the linemen and gets tackled. I challenge him to watch Purple Jesus and see what he does. He runs into the backs of his linemen too, but when he gets stopped, he does a cutback, or takes it outside for a huge gain. For the love of God Forte, make a cut. As far as the fumbles go, it happens, I can let one slide, but not two. Hold on to the ball!!!!

This offensive line is just terrible. Part of Forte's problem is this line. I'm starting to see that Krutz has lost something. He really has let me down, and evaded a lot of blame. There is a reason why all of the great teams of the past started building with the offensive and defensive lines. You win games in the trenches. If your line is productive, and the rest of the team sucks, you will win 8 games. If your line sucks and the rest of your team is awesome, you will win 4 games. BUT, if your line is awesome and your skill positions are great, you will be the Bears of '85. I was really hoping that the Bears would address this obvious need before the trade deadline, but apparently, they are happy with Cutler getting sacked with a three man rush. You know, to add to that, if Cutler keeps getting punished, eventually, he will get hurt. Nobody can take that type of a have to protect him, he is our future and he is our now. Pace's false start was just unforgivable. He is a seasoned veteran, and the game was on the line. He blew it.

The wide receivers continue to do well, but man, they have got to catch the ball when it hits them in the hands. But worse than that is the coaching. Come on Turner, how about a screen to Forte when they are rushing in like that? Do you know what a screen is? Is it in the playbook? Then throw one!!! Not the WR screen either, a normal HB screen. My buddy and I were talking, and we both said that we were calling the plays as they were being run. It reminded me of the Shoop era. Get creative, surprise defenses.

All in all, they lost...they were beaten. Two years in a row is tough to swallow, but it keeps us in reality when we loose to an average team like the Falcons. I might have been on my Superbowl trip had they won, and we can't have that...can we?


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