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Looking back, Looking forward at the season

Can't really complai about a 3-1 start, can you? The flip side of things is the Bears are just a couple of calls away from being either 4-0 or 2-2. But hey, let's stay in the now, and the now looks pretty good .

Quarterback Jay Cutler has been everything you could ask for with cheese and bacon. A position so lost in a storm of mediocrity, having a solid, all-pro caliber leader running the show really sets the table well. Just as expected a wide reciever has emerged from the group and its rookie Johnny Knox. Knox has been Mr. Electricity for the team as of late, and with teams focusing on him defenses have been burned by Greg Olsen and Devin Hester. And with Matt forte finally getting his act together in the last game, you can only hope an imporved running game will only benefit a high-scoring bears offense.

The defense has been...well, they have had their moments. Sure, Urlacher is out, and Hillenmeyer isn't the all-pro middle linebacker that came before him, but he'll do...if he's healthy. The defensive line has looked impressive, in spurts. They are getting to the quarterback and squashing any threats of a running game, yet, the qb pressure isn't continuous. A qb constantly running for his life is much better than a qb who's occassionally bothered at random parts of the game. The secondary has far, and getting better. Never under-estimate just how good Charles Tillman is.

With that said, the Bears look in great shape...especially for the next 4 games. The Bears head to Atlanta next, where the lost last year due to admitted bad coaching by Lovie and his staff. matt Ryan is a tough qb, but hasn't had a break-out game yet (trust me, I know, he's my fantasy qb in 4 leagues). But don't under-estimate this kid, as he's headstrong and a proven leader, with several deadly weapons, including future hall of fame tight end Tony Gonzalez. The Falcons defense has also imporved over the years, so they can attempt to shut you down or battle you in a shootout, whichever your heart desires. Luckily the Bears defense is built for speed and a tough turf game, so this one could go either way.

Up next is Ocho Cinco and the Cincinatti Bengals. you should know first off that Carson Palmer is a legit nfl all-pro quarterback and can beat any team in the league. And all that hype that surrounds Ocho Cinco....believe it. he is the real deal and can burn any secondary at any time. The bengals also have a familiar face at running back named Cedric Benson. Benson is having a tremendous year so far, and with the big guns clicking on offense the bengals have shown in the last few weeks that they are the real deal. You should know this one fact: the Bengals are not pushovers on defense. Infact they are one of the top defenses in the nfl for the last two years, including this season.

The schedule opens up a bit with a home game against the Cleveland browns. The browns are just one big question mark at position after position, and just traded their best player to the New York Jets. By this point qb Brady Quinn should be back starting, which means nothing in the long run. The Bears should feast on scraps all day long with the Browns.

Another home game, this time against the defending NFC champs, the Arizona Cardinals. Now, you should know the post-season Cardinals are NOT the regular season, and can be over-whelmed at times. The cold weather won't help things, while if the Bears can keep the Card's deadly wideouts under-wraps and pressure qb Kurt Warner into making mistakes, the tempo can be theirs. Fitzgerald is a franchise player and must be shut down, while Kurt Warner can be pressured into throwing interceptions. Bad weather and great line play should help that. yet if given enough time he will burn you.

The fate of the Bears season may lie in the next 4 games, and they are teams that the have the ability to beat. It's all in their hands now.

Mike Kincaide


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