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Fire Lovie Smith

Lovie Smith commented after the Chicago Bears humiliating loss to the Cincinnati Bengals that he had his team unprepared for the game. UNPREPARED? Are you kidding me? Lovie has been coaching the Bears for 6 years now and he can't prepare his team for a football game? That response alone should get Lovie fired. If after 6 years being the head coach you can't get your team prepared then something has to change and it should be you Lovie Smith.

For a second straight week the Chicago Bears have looked awful. They look like a high school team out there, and a matter of fact I would say high school teams look better than the Bears have the last two weeks. Lovie is proving that he is not the right man for the job. I know he has a winning record, but I would dare to say that, that was just on the players abilities to over come his bad coaching and had nothing to do with Lovie being a good coach. Many times the players were put in bad situations and some how they pulled out W's. Lovie mismanages games, is stuck in his Tampa 2 mode, which doesn't work, and is too stubborn to change his way of strategy.

His inability to change is holding the Bears back. They have talent, but they aren't being used properly. Why put your best cover man Charles Tillman in a zone? Why put your whole team in a zone coverage? Any QB will pick apart a zone coverage, ala Brian Griese. When you put Urlacher in a zone coverage, you should automatically be fired for that. You don't put one of the best LB's in Bears history in a zone coverage. He should be free to roam and use his instincts to make plays. Make the other team worry about him. I know Urlacher is hurt this year, but my beef with Lovie goes back many years.

In the end, Lovie's stubbornness will be his greatest downfall. He never admits when he is wrong and is afraid to try other things to make the team better. Stuck in his way of thinking will result in dooms day for him. I know the players like him, but the players also liked Dick Jauron and look where that got the team? No where fast! So Lovie I say to you, for your inabilities to get the team prepared and for your many flaws you should be FIRED!

John Rupar


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