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The Definition of Insanity

By: Greill Kupicky

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, and expect different results. Really? Has anyone told this to Coach Lovie Smith?

Bears Coaching (Scheme/Plays/Strategy) + Execution (Players/Management) = Insanity!!!!!!!

Wide Receiver Screen...Insanity!!!! If I see that damn play one more frickin time, I'm going to explode! WHY! It worked one time over 10 years ago. Gary Crowton ran it for the first time and it worked. Why? Because nobody ever saw it before. Three games later, and ever since, it does not work! Why do we keep running that play? At best we get four yards out of it. That happens what...10% of the time? At worst, it is an interception that is returned for a touchdown. That happens 30% of the time? That leaves 60% of the time. And what happens that 60% of the time? It gets stuffed at the line of scrimmage, and about half of that time, the WR fumbles the ball. Insanity!!!! We have a great quarterback. We have young, speedy wide receivers. Why are we trying a play that works for four yards 10% of the time when we should be throwing slants, outs and fly patterns 15-20 yards down field? Look at that play to Hester before the first half was over...15 yard out...wide open...executed. The only reason I can come up with is that our offensive line is sooooo bad that they just feel that their only opportunity to execute is to throw short and quick passes. If that is the case, then we are in trouble. Cutler will be out for the season before we know it. Either that, or we will have another great player flop as a Chicago Bear. Before that happens, why don't the Bears make a move? Holmgren is available, Shannahan is available, Cower is available, Parcels is available. For once in their lives, can the Bears hire a coach, even if it is for a little while, that actually knows what he is doing? Enough with the experiments with "up-and-coming" coaches. I want proven coaching talent that have offensive minds and will take Cutler tot he next level. I want coaches who make halftime adjustments and know the game and it's strategies. I want coaches who I know will do everything they can to provide us, Bears fans, with a successful team. Maybe even a coach who wins more than one Superbowl. How about Four Superbowl's?

I'm not one to jump on anyone for one bad game, and I'm not a bandwagon jumper who wants Lovie's head every time we loose, but I am seriously done with this coaching staff and this ridiculous notion that this scheme will work! I have stated this since the pre-season...The Cover 2 is an outdated defense. It doesn't work. Well, let me rephrase that, it does work if you have a defensive group of all pros who play virtually mistake free all season long, and you have no injuries. Is that even probable? Not likely. So, I say doesn't work.

It reminds me of the 46 Defense, and the Run and Shoot Offense of the 80's. It was innovative, it was awesome, it created havoc, but it also had it's time and went away eventually. Once offenses figured out the 46, good coaches improvised and adapted, using the basics of the 46, and creating a whole new defense with the same principals. Today, it is called the 3-4. Same idea, just a variation with different looks. Still blitzing linebackers, just three down linemen rather than four. I'm not saying to go to a 3-4, but how come our defense was so great with Rivera calling the plays? The answer comes from Lovie himself. Rivera was an innovator. Lovie didn't like that Rivera only used his scheme 20% of the time, and he fired Rivera for improvising and adapting. That Cover 2 Defense worked wonderfully because offenses didn't know what was coming. They weren't always in a zone. They had pressure and filled gaps, but if the play was going sour, the players were able to adapt and weren't trapped. Offenses were often surprised, and confused. The defense fooled them. Oh, football works.

The Cover 2 defense is nothing more than a prevent defense, and it had it's time. Now, it gets eaten alive. Not always, I mean, it does work sometimes, but it never works against a team with a great QB who can pick apart it's weaknesses. Carson Palmer, and oh yeah, Payton Manning in the Superbowl a few years ago. He destroyed us. It is my hope that Angello sees what I see, that the Cover 2 is done, and decides that he wants to keep his job for a while. If that is the case, Lovie must go, along with his Cover 2, and we need a proven coach in here. I would love Holmgren or Tuna to come in here and make us great. That is my early Christmas wish.


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