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Bears/Browns Preview

So Lovie likes to split the season up in sets of 4 - 4games at a time, shoot for .500 or better - well that seemed allfine and dandy for the 1st set of games, but this 2nd set, which was supposetobe the more easier set of the bunch - has kicked the Bears right in the tush.

These are winnable games against teams the Bears actually match-up well against.There's no excuse for not being prepared to play Atlanta. There's definitely no excuse to get housed' by the Cincinatti Bengals of all teams. Sure Cedric Benson is having a career year, but to let him rush foralomost 200 yards is an embarassment and total disrespect to the defense. it says you guys suck and we're goping to let the whole league know it. great.

It doesn't get any better this weekend as the Bears play another supposedly winnable game against the Cleveland Browns. The Browns traded their best wide reciever a few weeks ago, and honestly I have no idea who's playing quarterback this week. It just may be Bernie Kosar at this point. Nowwith that said this should be a gimme, right?

Are you learning there is no gimmes with the Bears???

The Bears should exploit a soft Cleveland defense, and if Matt Forte can get past the front 4 he should have a big day. If anything we've learned its not the other team stopping the Bears, but the Bears themselves. They have under-achieved and misread so many plays and sets that they repeatedly take 3 steps back everytime they get to the line of scrimmage. And its everyone - everyone sucks.

The Bears get the chance to right this losing streak on the 10th anniversary of Walter Payton's death, against a team they should/can pound into the ground. If the Bears decide to play at the level of the Browns they could be in for a long, boring day and another disappointing loss.

Mike Kincaide


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