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Bears/Bengals Preview

Ocho Cinco!!
There's no HBO cameras or reality show coming to town, just the usual fanfare that follows the former Chad Johnson everywhere he goes. And for good reason, he loves the show. He loves the brightlighths, loves giving people a reason to watch on Sundays. Get your popcorn ready!

He's already started on Twitter with the Bears secondary, and can be heard or seen anywhere talking about what a big day he's going to have. And believe it can happen: his quarterback carson Palmer is healthy and a true NFL stud quarterback. Plus, Ocho Cinco isn't like TO, Chad is in his prime and plays the game hard. It could be fun out there.

What will be even more fun is the return of Tank Johnson and Cedric Benson. Tank doesnt bring the fanfare that Benson does, who's 3rd in rushing this season. he's already began the smear Chicago campaign, and is looking for some payback. The Bengals have been rocked emotionally and are coming off a surrpising close loss. But don't be fooled, they are a good team, and have enough weapons at wideout like Chris Henry and back-up "quick as lightning" rb Brian Leonard to shock the Bears "d" into submission.

Plus, has it been mentioned that the Bengals defense is one of the top defenses in the league since the end of last season???

The Bears lost a close one to Atlanta last week (sound familiar?) andeven lost another starting linebacker. Luckily Hunter Hillenmeyer is supposed to be back, hopefully taking over the MLB spot, which was part of the reason the Bears coughed up a victory in Georgia. Yes, the interceptions didnt help, but neither did Matt Forte's play. Forte needs to either sit or get his head out of his butt because he is killing the Bears offense.

The keys to winning for the Bears are simple: keep Carson Palmer on the ground, dont get beat by any surprise recievers, contain Ocho Cinco, and shove it up Cedric Benson's butt. The Bengals have a tough secondary, so Forte needs to play BIG!

Mike Kincaide


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