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Bears/Atlanta Preview

so put last year's game out of your mind. Got it? Good. Now realize that this is two totally different teams. Last year the Falcons had a rookie quarterback and new runningback and a lot of unsure faces on offense and defense. Not so much the case this year. As for the bears...well, the Bears throw the ball, now...and throw it well.

Matt Ryan is no longer a rookie quarterback. he's almost an all-pro quarterback, actually. He's surrounded by some pretty good targets, with the best being wideout Roddy White. There's a bunch of other small, fast receivers the Bears must keep their eyes on, but this season Ryan clearly has developed the best chemistry with White. If that isn't scary enough, Tony Gonzalez is no longer in Kansas City. Good for him. Bad for us...he's in Atlanta, and while he may have lost a step he still three steps better than half the league. The run game hasn't moved quite effeciently this year, plus running back Michael Turner seems to have a case of the fumblies...but he is still known as "The Burner", and can erupt at any given time if not enough attention is directed his way. Offensively, Atlanta is a powerhouse..putting up over 40 points last game. Then again, so did the Bears.

Defensively, the Falcons are decent...decent enough to get a sentence written about them, and this is that sentence.

The Bears must make sure the secondary is ready. Built for speed, the Bears should be prepared if they don't over-think it, and prepare too much for Roddy White or Tony Gonzalez. Anyone at anytime can explode on this team, so they must keep everyone in front of them.The line protecting Ryan isn't imposing, but they try their best, luckily the Bears at times play better that average and if they can get to Ryan things could get ugly. Keeping Turner contained is also key.

You know what the bears need to do on offense to win. Forte has to run well, Cutler must use Olsen as Atlanta uses Gonzalez, because defenses can't guard him at all. Hester and Knox have to continue to impress, and a big touchdown by Bennett or Davis would help, too.

Mike Kincaide


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