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Bears Continue To Impress/Improve

By: Greill Kupicky

Man, I should be in Vegas! I predicted Bears 42, Lions 17. Well, I had the score wrong, but the spread was dead on. To begin, the Lion's QB Stafford is a great athlete, and I see him being a great NFL QB in the near future. That team is going places...maybe not this year, maybe not even next year, but soon.

This game told me a lot about this Bears team. For one, finally...FINALLY, the Bears are making halftime adjustments. How many years have Bears fans been frustrated after a trouncing by the coach's words, "We don't make halftime adjustments."

What do you mean we don't do halftime adjustments? That is ridiculous. Finally, you can see it...they're doing it. Other teams have consistently scored right off the bat against the Bears, and quite easily. But from halftime on, zilch! With the exception of that last minute Aaron Rodgers lucky pass...NADA!

Another thing I would like to point out is Special Teams. People think Hester is the greatest returner ever, and I think he is awesome, so don't get me wrong here, but when three different guys return kicks for touchdowns in three years, there is something to be said about Coach Toub. Damn, I love him. Those guys are all great athletes, but he must be doing something special to open the holes. I'm not taking anything away from Know, it was a great run, but he wasn't even touched, and usually, when Hester returned kicks for TD's, he wasn't touched either.

Lets not forget too that Seattle and Pittsburgh missing those kicks could be because of something he is doing, as well. Field goals are not gimme points. If they were, they would just give you three points if you made it to the 30. You have to make the kick. Other teams seem to miss a lot when they are kicking against the Bears. They make a lot of blocks, and do you watch when teams attempt field goals? A wall of hands. Don't think that doesn't get into a kicker's head, because it does. That's why they miss, and that is a kudos to Toub again.

The coaches must read this thing because I noticed that Briggs was in the middle a few times on Sunday (as I said last week he should be). I like our linebackers, but Briggs is something special. In the absence of Urlacher, Williams, Roach and Briggs are doing the job, and doing it well. I like the athleticism. Briggs reminds me of an 85 Bear. i think he would have been a star then, and he is a star now. He might have even taken either Marshall's position, or Wilson's. Who knows, who cares...he's a wonderful player to watch.

The rest of the defense has stepped it up. Afalava makes a difference when he is playing, and overall, they are impressing me. I like Lovey calling the shots. As you may or may not remember, I am not a fan of Babich. I think he is weak and a terrible play caller. Players don't respect him, and I think it would do the team a great service if Lovey canned him. Lovey understands the defense, and knows that sometimes you have to blitz to create the pressure a Cover 2 defense requires to work. Rivera knew it to. I think Lovey was smart enough to realize that Rivera was a good coach, and an 85 Bear. Why have someone on the staff that will be your replacement? Why do you think he didn't hire Singletary? Elementary. I'm actually surprised he allowed Marenelli to join the staff...although, hiring an 0 and 16 coach might be just the ticket to a secure future for Lovey.

Veal Cutler continues to impress and amaze me. I love this guy. People are all mad because he did the jump/spin/dive for a touchdown. The ESPN highlight reels show it as a quick, "Oh yeah, look at Brett Favre beat the Packers." Any other QB would be getting praise and be talked about for weeks because of that play. Cutler gets an afterthought. On my end, I see it as a tremendously athletic play, and it makes me grin from ear to ear. You can't play not to get injured, because the second you do, that is when you get injured. Play to win...always. The Lions were not a gimme game. If you don't make plays in the NFL, the other team will beat you...even the Lions. So Kudos to Cutler for being a play maker. That was an Elway play. No, that was a big time NFL awesome QB play, and he is all ours.

The Bears offensive line improved, but they continue to be the weak link. Forte had a good day. And by the way, I am sick of hearing, "Well, he had a hundred yards, but take away those two big runs, and he only had 23 yards." That is malarkey!!! Barry Sanders was awesome, right? Well, he would get stuffed 10 times, and Fonts would want to bench him. His teammates would say, "No, no, just let him play," and then on the 11th play, he would scamper for a 85 yard TD run.
And, if Adrian Petterson did what Forte did yesterday, everyone would be talking about those 2 big runs, and nobody would say anything about the other 20 plays for 23 yards. WHY? What is it about the Bears organization, and the players on the Bears that they get no respect? It is really annoying.

Well, we have two weeks to get some guys healthy. That's good. We are beat up pretty bad. When they come back against Atlanta, I predict they will win 26 to 19. Cutler will have 1 TD, Forte will have 1 TD, and we will have to settle for 4 field goals. Atlanta will have 2 TD's, a field goal, and they will catch the Bears in the end zone for a safety.

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