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Beeaaaaaaarrrrrr!!!! As Cubs Fans Say...Maybe Next Year

By: Greill Kupicky

Wow!!! Was I ever wrong. I mean, I was right, but I was very wrong, and I am man enough to admit it. Sometimes my Bears fandom gets in the way of reality. I was right in that Aaron Rodgers sucks. With the exception of that last death throw, he didn't do anything to prove to me that he was anything better than a Kyle Orton. I was right about their run game, Grant really doesn't bring much to the table. I was right about the Packers as a whole being overrated, but man was I wrong about the defense. They came to play and they played well. Kudos boys. Or did they? I'm not sure if the new Packer's defense under Dom was that good, or if the Bears Offense was really that lousy.

Cutler did not have the greatest game of his life, but one thing is for sure, the blame can certainly be passed around. The offensive line was offensive, and just plain aweful. Pace looked like an old and feeble old man out there. He looked every bit like a 13 year veteran who is playing when he should have just retired. He was slow, he looked lazy, and seriously, he looked like he couldn't even bend over. That guard Oyomoya (or whatever his name is) was a swinging gate. Actually, Beekman was a large improvement. The rest of the offensive line held their own I thought, but one weak side is still a weak side. The Packer defense was all over the place. Even my wife, a football novice, made a comment that Cutler was running for his life.

When there is no run game to speak of (a pathetic 55 yards by Forte), receivers are dropping every ball thrown to them, and Cutler was running for his life...any QB would have had problems in that situation. I never seen so many dropped passes, and it wasn't the "weak" part of the offense that was doing it, it was our suppossed strengths doing most of the dropping (McKee-Olsen-Forte-Clark). Confidence is everything to a QB, and once that gets shaken, it is all over. By the second half, Cutler calmed down, and actually really impressed me (with the exception of that last throw). But the offensive line disappointed me the whole game. You can't throw if you can't run, and whether it was Forte's fault is not what I am saying. A running back in a wheel chair could get yards if the offensive line was worth a crap...look at Smith with that great Cowboy offensive line. Walter Payton used to buy the offensive line steaks after every game. But our line, that offensive line, I kept screaming at my TV...BLOCK!!!

The pass rush sure ended at the half. They were all over Rodgers in the first half, especially Oguleye, but it all but ended the whole second half. Were they tired? Was the loss of Urlacker that important to the scheme? I don't know, but with Urlacker out for the season, and that ghost secondary, the Bears problems are way deeper than Cutler and the WR's. The upside is that Cutler had 277 yards and a touchdown with those 4 picks. What would Orton have had?

The Packer defense seemed impressive, but lets see how they do against a team that is not struggling and injured before we put them in the Superbowl. If I was a Packer fan, I would be very concerned with both Rodgers and Grant, neither impressed me at all. He got lucky against a weakened bears defense late in the game. Big plays can happen even to the best defenses, but the rest of the game rodgers sucked pretty bad.

I still think the Packers are going to be 7-9, maybe 8-8, but my stance on the Bears has changed. After yesterday's performances, I saw a Minnesota team that was very strong, and three other teams that will be fighting to stay out of last place. It is sad to me, and I want to be optimistic, but what I saw was what I feared all along. I have said all along that barring key injury, and if the offensive line blocked, if there was good pass rush, and if the secondary played well, the Bears would do well. Urlacker is a huge loss, obviously, and other aspects that I discussed are happening to solidify my fears of a 7-9 Bears team. Even if they suprise us next week and win against the Steelers, I just don't see them being a contender this year.


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