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There Ain't No Such Thang As An Ugly Win.

By: Greill Kupicky

Well, it's a dubya. At the end of the season, all that matters is how many wins, and how many losses. Hopefully, you have more W's that L's. And, hopefully, the amount of W's you have put you in the playoffs. But, with the dubya came a whole lot of ugly...again.

On the bright side, any concerns I had about Jay "Veal" Cutler, which weren't many, are gone. This guy is truly the real deal. I'm not used to having a quarterback "make things happen" as we have now seen with Jay. The difference between him and say Orton are:

1. He can thread a needle. He puts the ball in spots I didn't know a QB could put it. He is fun to watch.

2. The Wide Receiver Screen, much to my dismay, actually works with Cutler. Why? Because for one he whips it in there like a bullet rather than a slow lazy toss. Second, because he can actually complete passes down field, DB's are playing off the receivers about 10 yards. Because of the combination of the two, the receivers are getting the ball before the DB can react, and they are getting a minimum of 5 yards before they are touched. This is how the play was designed, but it only works with a Jay Cutler throwing it.

3. He makes our 3's and 4's look like 2's and 3's. On occasion, one stands out like a 1.

4. I'm not worried anymore when we are down with only a few minutes left in the game. It's weird. He can win the game for us when we are down.

5. There isn't a flurry of 3 and outs anymore. They happen, but they aren't every series anymore. That gives our defense time to rest, and time to be coached on the sidelines. That is so important, I can't emphasize it enough. That could be why the defense has been holding our opponents to under 20 points per game so far...good offensive teams, too. Hmmmm?

The offense as a whole has been pretty impressive to me so far. They definitely give me gray hairs from time to time, but there is definitely more good than bad as far as I am concerned. My biggest complaint is still the offensive line. I heard Hub Arcish talking on The Score this week about Forte. He said he was a decent back, but not a good back because a good back gets yards even with a bad offensive line. I guess I somewhat agree with that, but say what you want about Forte, there isn't a running back anywhere that would get yards behind this line except maybe Walter Payton. Nobody ever said Forte was Walter Payton, so we need the offensive line to do what they are paid to do...BLOCK!

Defensively, I am very impressed with this group so far. They are fighters, and they don't give up. With their leader being out, Urlacher, they have really filled the void quite nicely. Honestly. I thought they did better when Hillenmeyer went out and Roach went into the middle. They were aggressive, more athletic, and hungry. I like that. They also seem to gel a little bit better. All around, they look pretty good. I do have one observation though, where the Hell is Tommy Harris? He is the invisible man out there. I saw him make exactly one play. We need him to start playing, or get off the field.

Now, about the ugly. Seattle can complain all they want to about bad calls, etc. But, good teams overcome. When Forte's fumble got overturned, they seemed to give up. Plus, field goals are not gimme points, that's why you have to actually kick the ball rather than just be awarded 3 points if you make it past the 30. That's the game! Plus, our special teams seem to make a lot of guys miss. Why? Well, did you ever watch when a guy is kicking? All you see is Bear hands. That is distracting for a kicker. So, they have managed to either distract and make him miss, or block field goals. Either way, Kudos to Toub and his coaching these guys to make things happen. Cry if you want to, but there are plenty of bad calls to go around...God knows I have been witness to plenty against the Bears, so take the victory, and on to the next.

Well, I wasn't too far off with my points guess against Seattle. Like I have said, I am not a professional point spread guy, but my prediction against Detoilet is Bears will win. Even though the Lions had their first victory in 20 games last week, they have a new QB, they are still building, and they are weak. Well, weaker than the Bears anyway. It will be a sound victory I think, and Cutler will have his first 300 + yard game, and 4touchdowns. Hester will have one, Knox, Olsen, and Forte. I think Forte will finally have a good game on the ground, over a hundo with a TD on the ground, as well. I am waiting for our first "other" TD. Either a defensive touchdown, or a return. I think one or the other, hopefully both, will happen this week. Bears 42, Lions 17.


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