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By: Greill Kupicky

Well, well, well, so the sun does shine on a dog's behind. I am absolutely amazed that our beloved Bears pulled off the victory on Sunday. Amazed, and extremely happy. What made the day even better was Green Bay sucking.

Some might think that I am a jerk for loving their demise, but if you lived amongst Packer fans as I do, you would love reality showing it's face to the idiot Packer fans. Every fricken year my Packer fan friends think they are going to the Superbowl, and every single Packer player is a Pro bowler. It is sickening. But, Caper's gapers took it right up the wazoo on Sunday. They couldn't stop a seasoned offense that has had years to develop and gel.

Offensively, as I said last week, they are very over rated. Such a great receiving core...Yeah, right! They drop passes galore. Such a great running back. Did you look at his stats? Such a great offensive line. With six sacks? And my buddy, Aaron Rodgers...I'm telling you, he is Eric Kramer in Packer garb. Her puts points on the board, and he gets yards, but he won't win you a game...well, that is unless I say that and they are playing the Bears...then he will do it just to spite me.

On to our Bears. A pleasant surprise, but a gift. Their kicker doesn't normally miss field goals, so thank the football gods. Berger didn't exactly have his greatest performance either...but as they say, those with the lucky horse shoe up their butt will win the game. Our defense played well, even without Urlacher, but man, I still saw some problems against future opponents that they will have to work on, or we will be a group of angry fans. I'm still unsure if the Cover 2 is just that easy to pass on, or if our DB's are just crap. If it weren't for Brown getting in there, as well as other defensive line pressure, Berger would have done more damage. It seems more and more easy for teams to pass on the defense, and depending on the offense, run too. I think AP (the Viking one) will have another banner year against this defense. But, that all being said, they played well, and kudos to them for doing so. Hopefully, they can keep it up. Just know that I care about my Bears, and anything I say negatively hurts me to do so. But I have to keep it real, or reality will disappoint me. :-)

Offensively, I was so impressed. Cutler really showed that he is a star. In my entire life as a Bears fan, i have never seen one of our QB's make the throws that guy makes, and make it look easy. If you look on my blog from last week, I didn't really blame him, I said it was the blocking, and maybe even youth issues with the receivers. I maintain that position. That guy will be throwing for 300 yards per game in no time. We just need to get some offensive linemen that aren't so offensive. For God sakes Pace, block or get off the damn field! He looks like a player past his prime. Please note that I think he is one of the greatest offensive linemen to ever play, but know when it is time buddy. And for God sakes receivers, catch the damn ball son!!! How many dropped passes this week? Man!!! I know Veil Cutler throws hard, but that is a good thing. Catch it...just catch it. Johnny Knox is really enjoyable to watch. He reminds me of Steve Smith. He has to prove himself still, but he has that it quality. Like Smith, he is undersized as a wide receiver, but he is fast, and like Hester, he is at top speed in two strides. The best thing is that he has good hands. Other receivers played well, too. Olsen had a good game. Cutler really spreads the ball around...I like that. About Matt Forte, he will be just fine...he just needs offensive linemen that will run block for him. Don't blame him, or think he sucks, because that is simply not true. Soon enough, either Pace will get his feet back and block someone, or he will be replaced by a blocker who will make a hole for Forte, and we will see good things again. Until that day, figure on seeing him more involved in the passing game. You don't keep the ball out of the hands of your play makers.

Seattle shouldn't pose much of a threat. I need to learn not to make predictions, but I will do it anyway. Bears 28, Hawks 9. Cutler will have over 300 yards passing and 3 touchdowns. Forte will score his first of the year.


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