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Gain Green Will Fall

By: Greill Kupicky

Here it comes everyone. Ah yes, what we've all been waiting for. Enough with preseason already, lets get to the games that matter...and what game matters more than when the Bears first game is against the hated Gain Green. I call them Gain Green because they are an infection that gets under your skin and causes discomfort. I live in Madison, WI, and let me tell you how much I hate Green Bay fans, and the team itself. Green Bay fans have the biggest mouths of all NFL team fans combined. Every year, they are Superbowl bound, and every single player is going to the Hall of Fame. It has been too long for me, too long since they hated us back. Now their big rivalry is with the Queens? Bah!!! I want their hatred back!

One thing to keep in mind is that the Pack was 6-10 last season, and this preseason where he lit every team they played up...IT WAS PRESEASON!!!! Aaron Rodgers reminds me of Erik Kramer, lots of yards put up, but can't seem to get it done when the chips are down. We'll see I guess, and maybe I am wrong, but I think he is overrated and I think their record this season will be similar to last year's. That in large part is due to the fact that they switched to a 3-4. It will take at least 2 more years for them to adjust to that defense, be it with the necessary players to make it function, or just to figure out the bugs any team would face when switching their entire defensive scheme. Again, we'll see.

My prediction is that Rodgers will put up some numbers, but not points. I wouldn't be surprised if he threw for around 300 yards, but I think they will settle for a ton of field goals and he will throw some picks. The Bears defense is weak against the throw, as I have stated so many times, and that is why he will have so many yards, but they will create turnovers, and they will stop the run, making Gain Green's offense one dimensional...dangerous for any team to do.

Cutler is going to have a decent game of around 200 yards with a couple of TD's, maybe a pick. Hester will be responsible for one of those touchdowns. Forte will reach 100 yards of total yards with a touchdown, as well. That makes the score in my head Bears 27, Pack 9. I am not a point spread expert, that is just my guess, but I think I am right.

Beyond that, it is my dream to have a favre-esque quarterback for the next 10 years or so that will be a thorn in their sides as Favre was to all of us. That being said, I think it would also bring back the jealous hatred we all knew in the 80's. One can only hope.


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