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Bears-Seahawks Preview

So losing to Green Bay in the season opener isn't so bad if you can follow it up with back to back wins against the defending super bowl champs and the Seattle Seahwaks, right?

The Bears have the luxury of picking on a battered, bruised, and relatively injured seahawks team, who are no longer coached by Mike Holmgren and may be in the midst of rebuilding, even if no one has told them yet. They have tried to glue the pieces back together, replacing former MVP Shawn Alexander with Julius Jones and Edgerrin James. No youth movement in regards to the recieving corps either, as Nate Burleson, Beion Branch, and TJ Houshmandzadeh catch the majority of anything throw.

You will probably hear alot about the quarterback sitation. Matt Hasselback is banged-up, and has broken ribs. He still has an arm, but he's nowhere close to what he used to be. injuries have kicked his butt. That goes double for this week, as he probably won't even play, which is good and bad news for the Bears. Seahawks back-up qb Seneca Wallace not only has experience, but becomes more of a threat than Hasselback, as he can run and throw very well. The athletic Wallace actually considered playing other positions for more playing time, but ended up starting 9 games at quarterback last season.

Beware of tight end John Carlson. He's a sleeper. he's also on my fantasy team and is extremely underrated. You've been warned.

I would like to tell you the Bears should worry about the Seattle defense, but i can't. This team is so injury-riddled its sad. Over 10 of their players who get major time on the field are injured, including the secondary and offensive line.

The Bears should be able to handle Seattle, if they can keep Wallace at bay, and make sure the secondary comes to play and doesn't take Wallace and his wideouts for granted. Their running game is suspect, so no fluke plays or silly penalties. Jay Cutler should be able to have a touchdown party 9we meet in the end zone!) with Seattle's bruised secondary. And if and when they focus on reciever Johnny Knox that would be a great time to show them what Devin Hester or Earl Bennett can do.

Oh yeah, and someone wake up matt Forte while you're at it.

Mike Kincaide


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