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So much more to Bears football than actual football...there's Bears fantasy football!

Oh football season....such a crazed, maddening world. Yes, pun intended. I love when training camp starts up, the anticipation of a great long, passionate mediocre Bears season, or the high hopes of a huge Carson Palmer/Chad Johnson fantasy season..only to get....I'm not sure what I got, really, besides last place in every league I entered. There's so much excitement going into this Bears season, so much so i actually brought up the idea of attending aday of training camp with my girlfriend....which quickly ended when the trade of Bears training camp/spend a day watching her try on shoes and wedding dresses came about.

Even still, there's sooo much more that actual football. The Madden video game is on the horizon, which as a game geek is a great thing. And then there's the reason they even play football anymore, fantasy football! It's the true reason many of us even watch football anymore (besides the actual cheering of our hometown team, then again if you live in Cincinatti or Detroit you are clearly only living for fantasy football these days). I am a very sad case...much like nice girls attracked to high school bad boys, i am attracted to bad players and to drafting the Bears defense, every year, any year. Its the only reason I even pay attention to pre-season football, to scout and find that rare gem of a player, only to turn out and be injured by week 4 or benched before game 3. As for my awful drafting (I also only drafted players from Duke in my fantasy basketball league years back, and I still say spending my number 1 pick 3 years in a row on Christian Laettner paid off in the end. its about the quality of the player, not the quantity of the stats...yeah right) I cant explain it, it just happens, and right about now I'm getting flooded with emails asking when we're starting up and how much I plan on donating ton the league this year for another last place finish.

Like I said, my only reason for even watching training camp is to figure out who to which Bears are worth spending a draft pick on?????

You have to like Jay Cutler...he's the new punky QB who put up All-Pro numbers last year. Sure he doesn't have All-Pro recievers to throw to, but that could change. He's worth spending a top pick on just from his track record alone.

I've learned the hard way that Greg Olsen and Desmond Clark are not to be overlooked. Yes, both of them! Defenses routinely focus too much attention on one or the other and fail to realize that both are bigger and faster than they appear. Quarterbacks love big, fast targets, and Clark and Olsen look like King Kong and Godzilla compared to the defensive backs trying to cover them.

Matt Forte. The Bears used him so much its amazing he didnt return kicks or even kick extra points. He's a workhorse, and you have to love a guy that a team uses all the time. Last season I made the mistake of drafting back up Kevin Jones, too. I will probably make the same mistake this year as KJ is very talented and has been promised more time on the field this year.

The Bears defense. Again, every year I pick this defense like clorkwork. Yes I know I spelled "clockwork" wrong, as much like "clorkwork" the Bears "d" was very wrong for me all year long. I think I lost more games last year than won because of them. They gave up yards and points like it was free slurpee day at 7-11. The optimism is in the depth, along with a renewed hunger and focus on being one of the top defenses again. Somebody has to draft them...go for it!

Robbie Gould at kicker....a sure thing.

Oh this is the big question, isnt it? Who do you go with at wide reciever. Devin Hester is a speed demon, and at some point he's either gonna bust or breakout. The Bears threw the ball to him wether open or covered, just because he was so fast, and thats got to be one tempting idea for Cutler, too. Do you dare put your faith in rookie wideout Juaquin Igelsias, or last season's secret gem Earl bennett (he was such a huge secret he never touched the ball). If you draft late wait to see if the Bears pick up anyone from the free agaent market, picking up some over-paid veteran who gets cut after getting beaten out by an under-paid rookie. If you really felt like you needed to draft a Bear dont forget Rasheed Davis is still on the team, while Devin Hester is worth a late pick. If you're the gambling type, bet on Earl Bennett having a huge season thanks to the arrival of Cutler.

-Mike Kincaide


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