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By: Greill Kupicky

I have waited a little bit before writing this article because I was curious. I wanted to hear what other people thought before I wrote what I saw in last Saturday's game against the Bills. A lot of people were disappointed, some sad, and many were angry. Relax. It was only a preseason game, and it was the first preseason game of the year to boot.

Don't put too much stock in preseason football. After all, Detroit was 4-0 last season in preseason play and didn't win a single game during the regular season. It is basic offensive and defensive packages. Actually, it is raw how it once was. Nowadays, strategy plays a bigger role. Offensively, it takes a while to gel. Defenses always look good early on, and then it starts t even out, and then it is the powerhouse offensive teams who carry the momentum and win Super Bowls. Honestly, can you not count on one hand how many teams have won the Superbowl with a great defense and a crap offense? The Ravens. Who else? Most of the time, it is a great offense, with a solid defense that takes a team all the way.

Now on to the Bears. I saw some good things, and I saw some really, really bad things. On Cutler's end, I am not going to defend bad play, and he did not play well; however, Forte and Olsen were not playing, and he only played for one quarter. He does have a cannon of an arm, but he really makes dangerous, high risk throws. He threw one interception, and there actually should have been two, but there were some nice throws in there too. That throw to Dez Clark was beautiful, and I hope to see more of that. Unfortunately, I still am not sold on any of our actual receivers. Hopefully, one will step up by the start of the regular season.

Cutler, and all of the QB's, had time, so kudos to the offensive line for that, but their run blocking was not impressive. Without a run game, Cutler was lucky to get any completions. You have to set up the pass with an effective run is really that simple. Overall, they did okay, I just want to see better results running the ball. Granted, Forte was not playing, but if Forte makes that much of a difference, I would pay extra attention to blocking better and protecting him from injury if I were an offensive lineman. Because either he made them look really good, or Jones makes them look really bad...I'm not quite sure yet which it is. Time will tell.

Hanie looked very good, and so did Davis (WR). If we didn't have Cutler, I think Hanie would be getting considered for the starting role, but instead he will be a great backup to have...just in case. My guess is that he may be an interesting and enticing player to wave in front of other teams desperate for a QB. In other words, trade bait. That could get the Bears a good draft pick or even better, that impact wide receiver we may or may not need.

To be very honest, the offense wasn't even what concerned me as I watched. I was curious to see how the defense played, in particular, how the DB's played. I was not impressed at all. As a whole, I thought the first defense played decently, and all the backups did their jobs. There was some hard hitting, and good pressure on the Bill's QB all game long, but I saw a lot of arm tackling again, just like last year, and the DB's are going to give me a stroke this year I think. It had all the earmarks of last year's defensive play...stop the run, can't stop the pass. Again, it was preseason football, so they are not showing everything they can do, or will do, but if Saturday's play was any indication of what we will get from this group this year, it is going to be frustrating.

Finally, I hate to jump on the "I hate the Tampa 2 Defense" bandwagon because I like Lovie Smith and I think he is a good coach, but the Tampa 2 really has a lot of holes in it, and unless everything is done to perfection (pass rush, everyone in their exact right spots at all times, the perfect and ideal players for each and every position, etc.), the Tampa 2 is very exploitable, and will be exploited. The thing that bugs me about Lovie Smith is his stubborn attachment to the system. Rivera made adjustments, and the defense was a top 5 defense. Babich is a system guy, like Lovie, and seemingly does not make needed adjustments to compensate for deficiencies; therefore, the Bears were almost last in every defensive category last year. Do the math, and tell me how this system is not flawed. It is a good base defense, but it is time for Lovie to get creative, and tweak it to plug some holes. Otherwise, the Bears will simply be spinning their wheels.


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