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Bret's Back! Yes!

Are you too tired of all the Bret Favre nonsense? Retired, unretired. On a tractor one day, in New York the next. Staying in Green Bay one day, next day throwing passes to high schoolers. It's easy to make fun of the new starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. Its easy to say that he's killing his numbers, should have left on a highnote, or is destroying his legacy for that matter. But Bret said something in his latest "I'm un-retiring" press conference, in that it's his legacy to destroy, not ours.

Sure, it would be great to remember the image of Bret in Green Bay, playing in the snow, throwing touchdowns, never meeing a game, that smile, that never-shaved the history of football Bret will always be remembered for the many years he spent in Green Bay. I mean, its 5 years later, what do you remember most, the MichaelJordan/Chicago Bulls/6 titles era or the bizarro season Jordan played for the Washington Wizrds?

Again, Bret put in the work, the pain, the suffering, the years, hell, the man had to live in Green Bay for more than a decade, he should have a free pass to do whatever he wants for living in that place for so long! But alas, it's Bret's legacy....he can do what he wants with it. And if that means coming back (again) to stick it to his old team then so be it. Just makes the Central division a little more interesting.

Green Bay and Minnesota have never ever liked each other, and GB has just enough talent to make a run at the division title. Minnesota is loaded in most positions, except quarterback ironically. Well Favre should help things. With the addition of Jay Cutler to the Bears it seems every team in the division has a shot at turning their division match-up into a must-see game of the week.

Yes I know Detroit is also in the division. But they don't count....unless Bret goes to the Lions next season.

Mike Kincaide


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