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Excited about the Bears already?

Admittedly, it takes alot for me to get excited about Bears football, especially before August. Maybe it comes from years and years of enept quarterback play. Hey, I grew up on watching the "Punky QB" fall apart, cheering servicaeable underdogs Harbaugh, Kramer, and Jim Miller, hell I even cheered for Rex when he decided to throw to the other team all the time instead of his own recievers. I know who Henry Burris is, unfortunately. I've experienced the Cade McNown era, Shane Matthew,Steve Stenstron, Chris Chandler, Kordel Stewart, Moses only gets worse, folks. Did you know former Bears QB Dave Kreig owns the NFL record for most fumbles? That's exciting, isn't it? So forgive me for not getting too excited about the trade for Jay Cutler. Despite making the Pro Bowl and having a good year overall, my fantasy league team will remind you that Denver did not make the play-offs, which is the point of it all, right?

Maybe my lack of enthusiasm comes from spending some of the best years of my life, the college years, in Wisconsin during the Farve era. There's nothing worse than being a Bears fan in Green bay while the Packers are on the tv racing for another Super Bowl-winning touchdown. Ugh.

I come from an era where every new John Madden Football game I've bought every year has featured a new starting quarterback and runningback. Well that's not exactly true...Thomas Jones did have a great stand as a Bear for a while, until he was let go for the Cedric Benson experiment. How'd that go again? I work with kids who were born after or have never even heard the Super Bowl Shuffle. The feared Bears know, the one that kept quarterbacks and offensive coordinators up at night - not. The defense couldn't keep an insomniac awake last season.

So forgive me if i'm a little jaded. Forgive me if my excitement level just isn't where it should be every year...but I'm a little amped for the season to get going, and i'll tell you why.

Sure, Jay Cutler is the new qb. Cool, that's great, but its the idea of the possible breakout/break-through season sfrom ome unknown rookie reciever, the possibility of a top flight reciever coming in, or even the emergence of Devein Hester as the number one guy...with a great quarterback at the helm any of those ideas are possible!

The Bears are overly-talented at many positions....for once. Wether its tight end, running back, secondary, or defensive line, the Bears have got a solid roster of quality position players and back-ups. Plus it never hurts adding Pisa Tinoisamoa and Orlando Pace to your starting line-ups. pace is an All-Pro offensive lineman while Tinoisamoa led St. Louis in tackles last season at linebacker. Both were let go from the Rams due to salary issues.

Oh yeah, Jay Cutler is our quarterback. For those of you who don't know, Cutler finished last season with career-highs in passing completions (384), passing yards (4,526), passing touchdowns (25), and rushing touchdowns (2). His passing yards, completions and attempts were all single-season franchise records for the Broncos. He also had the most 300-yard passing games in Broncos history, while finishing third in NFL passing yards (first in the AFC) and seventh in passing touchdowns (third in the AFC).

Now thats a reason to get excited!

Mike Kincaide
I Am Legend.....


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