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Bears Need #1 Receiver to Make Super Bowl...This Year.

The addition of Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears, in my opinion, was a great move to get back to the playoffs. However, in order to get to the Super Bowl this season, I feel that Chicago needs to get a proven number one receiver. Not to take anything away from their current receiving corps, but Cutler must have a Pro Bowl caliber receiver to rely on in order to live up to the expectations of Chicago Bears fans. As of right now, Devin Hester is Chicago’s number one wideout. But let’s be real, he still has a lot of room for improvement to become a go-to guy in the NFL. In addition, Hester was third on the team in receptions (52) behind tight end Greg Olsen and running back Matt Forte last year. Hester was also third in receiving touchdowns with three. Those are definitely not the numbers of a go-to receiver. There might be an improvement from those numbers for Hester in 2009, but I doubt that it will be a major one. Now, when a running back has more receptions than your “number one” receiver does, then there is a problem. Like I mentioned earlier, I am not taking anything away from Chicago’s receivers, but overall they lack experience. Hester and Rashied Davis are the only ones who have had significant playing time in the regular season. Everyone else is either a rookie, a player from the practice squad trying to make the 53-man roster for the first time, or someone who has been on the regular-season roster, but has yet to catch an NFL pass.

The Bears should go after one of the major free-agent receivers out there. Let’s see, there’s Torry Holt…oops, he signed with Jacksonville. Well, even though he’s not a free agent, there is Chad Ochocinco…oh I forgot that he and the Bengals organization finally kissed and made up. But the Bears can go after Plaxico Burress, and if they can’t snag him, then they can try to lure Brandon Marshall; he and Cutler have some chemistry from playing together in Denver…but Jerry Angelo doesn’t go after players who are constantly in trouble with the law (thanks a lot Tank Johnson and Cedric Benson). Well, that just leaves a bunch of number two and number three receivers, which the Bears already have.

Ok, it seems that Cutler won’t get the number one receiver that he needs this year. I guess the silver lining for Cutler is that he can finally rely on something that he didn’t have in Denver, a defense to help manage games. If Chicago’s “D” doesn’t do its job this year, then maybe Chicago fans will just have to wait another year or two for that number one receiver to help with that return trip to the Super Bowl.

Clyde A. Speller


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